Lighting for Freshwater Fish Health

What is the role of light for freshwater fish?

Everything grows by the sun, and we are familiar with the needs of terrestrial animals for light, so what is the role of light for aquarium fish?

Fish solicit bait, reproduce, hunt, escape from enemies, and cluster are the main behaviors in their natural environment, and each of these behaviors is closely linked to light. During the evolution of billions of light years, fish received light signals through photoreceptors in the retina and pineal gland, perceived and adapted to the light environment in their natural habitat, and over time developed a unique visual physiology.

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The basic structure of the fish eye is similar to the developed eyes of higher vertebrates, with an absorption spectrum of 430-620 nm.

In low light, they can only see the rough outline of objects and have no color vision.

Visible light in the short wavelength of blue light up to nearly 100 meters, and visible light in the long wavelength of the red, orange, and yellow spectrum is dominant. Generally, the fish retina with the visual pigment and the spectrum of the water inhabited by the light peak is the same, so the deep water fish spectral sensitivity curve is in the short wavelength range, it is sensitive to blue and green light.

And near-shore seawater fishes are biased in the long wavelength range to absorb light.

All in all, light is extremely important for freshwater fish, especially for fish kept in aquariums.

But, after all, how can we ensure that aquarium fish get enough light? That’s right! The best way is to install the right light in the aquarium.

The reason for the use of fish tank light

There are many limits to the natural light we can use in our days indoors, with time, light intensity, and distance from the natural light, which will have different effects on the ornamental fish, which is mainly reflected in the fish’s body color.

Through light, ornamental fish can grow more quickly, the color is more beautiful, and the reproduction of adult fish will also be more high-quality.

How to choose lamps and lantern lighting for fish?

Usually, the choice of aquarium lamps and lanterns is mainly based on the species of ornamental fish to decide.

For example, blood parrot fish and red dragonfish are more suitable for red lighting, which can have the effect of increasing color. The three lakes’ cichlids are more suitable for blue light because they can give a sense of deep space.

Most tropical fish are suitable for white light, which is in line with the law of nature, and this light can better reflect the natural beauty of tropical fish.

Achieving the ideal lighting spectrum for your aquarium is crucial to obtaining the perfect freshwater fish, such as cory catfish, yellow lab, tetra, and so on. You need to learn more about the different types of light, how it is measured, and what kind of light is best for your freshwater fish. Then, you can use this information to choose the right lighting for your tank.

This article aims to give you the knowledge and tips you need, to successfully run a successful freshwater fish aquarium.
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How do set lighting for ornamental fish?

If you have tetra in your tank, then you should know that tetra is timid. It is better to use diffused light for the aquarium lights to avoid direct light bringing discomfort to the fish.

When you turn on the light, you may still wonder why the fish are hiding in the plants or hiding under the rock. This is an instinctive reaction due to the change of environment, the fish will swim out on its own when it gets used to it. Tetra likes dark to light when resting and needs dark light or no light when breeding. If you set the light according to its habit, it will become more active.

Choosing the right lighting for your aquarium is an important step to ensuring that your freshwater fish thrive. The proper lighting will make your tank’s inhabitants thrive. Aquarium lighting will help your aquarium maintain the correct pH level, which is vital for good health. Also, you can purchase special lighting that will produce a rainbow of colors in the water. Bright white aquarium lights are best for your tank’s inhabitants because they enhance the colors of the fish and live plants.

If you are a beginner to aquarium keeping, you can choose a silvery angelfish, colorful species of freshwater fish. These tiny fish breed quickly, and a small tank will soon become crowded with hundreds of these beautiful fish. Unlike other aquarium animals, guppies feed on flakes. However, they are also capable of eating frozen shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms. These beautiful little fish are easy to care for and require only ten gallons of space.

All in all, light is extremely important for fish, especially for fish kept in aquariums. Let’s install the right light in the aquarium, and ensure that they get enough light.

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