Hygger LED Aquarium Light



Clip-on LED light to grow low light plants and floating plants.

Package includes:
1 x Aquarium clip led light
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Hygger Clip Light is designed to provide efficient lighting for your fish and other inhabitants. With the bulbs lasting at least 30,000 hours and putting out 9000 K – 11000 K, these LEDs have the potential to enhance plant photosynthesis. It is a great bright light for small tanks up to 25 gallons.

Super bright LED fish tank light

Premium 30 LEDs in total to produce amazing shimmer effect to your aquarium and emit enough bright light for a healthy growth environment for your fish and other inhabitants. 13 W LED fish tank light is recommend for 5-10 gallons tank.

Two lighting modes

Mode 1: White and blue LED for daylight.
Mode 2: Blue LED for nightlight.

Sleek design

Ultra-thin aluminium alloy and plastic shell ensures excellent heat dissipation, while acrylic casing is splash resistant and safe to use. It fits for most rim and rimless tanks with thickness up to 0.9 inch.

Flexible goose-neck clamp

Adjustable clamp allows for flexibility in various angles and positions by gently turning the soft arm of the lamp.

Wide application

Hygger LED aquarium light is ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquariums and aquatic plants.

Directions for Use

Just clamp the light at the rim of fish tank, you’re good to go. Press button to the left or the right to switch light mode.

Additional information


30 Leds, 13W, 45 Leds, 21W

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