hygger Aquarium LED Plant Light

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LED plant light has 24/7 mode and upgraded bracket height for 12″-54″ freshwater planted tanks

1 x LED light
1 x AC/DC power adaptor
2 x Extendable brackets
1 x User manual

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Day-Night Cycle Lighting Mode

Hygger LED plant light has a 24/7 mode that allows you to select a custom schedule with 24-hour automatic gradual of sunrise, sunlight, sunset, and night, providing aquariums with vivid and natural color performance. The LED grow light for plants allows you to set in 2-hour increments to choose the time of turn on and off, you can get a min of 2 hours or up to 24 hours of lighting time for planted aquariums.

Program LED plant light

3 Timer Mode

The LED lights have a built-in clock function of 3 timer options with 6, 10, and 12-hour for plants. Just turn on the light set to your desired color, and intensity and select a period for the aquarium plants.

Memory Function

The LED plant light will save your setting and repeat the same lighting schedule day by day. It can remember your last lighting brightness mode when there is a power outage and auto lighting by following the previous setting after the power is restored.


The aquarium light provides 7 fixed single colors, and the color gradually will change cycling, it has 8 adjustable colors red, blue, green, orange, yellow, cyan, purple, and full spectrum.

Adjustable Brightness

The brightness of the lighting can be dimmed up and down at five different levels from 10% -25%-50%-75%- 100%, which easily brings out the lighting effect your plants need.

Ultra-bright & High CRI

This planted full spectrum light contains three-row 2835 LED bulbs and two-row 5054 WRGB bulbs with an illumination of 590–2700 lumens to adequately light the aquarium, which gives a visual display of vibrant colors for your fish and plants. It is an LED grow light for plants, ideal for aquatic plants and freshwater aquariums.

Upgrade Bracket Height

The hygger lights come with a couple of 1.6-inch tall extendable metal brackets, the PC lens provides a splash-resistant condition and increases the durability of the light, while the high-strength aluminum shell makes a good heat dissipation efficiency for the LEDs.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

LED plant light cycle mode

About the 24/7 lighting mode

Under the 24/7 mode, the light will auto-turn on and off at the same time every day, the light color and intensity are fixed and can not be changed.


hygger 075 LED plant light size

Additional information


14W for 12-18 inch tank, 20W for 18-24 inch tank, 26W for 24-30 inch tank, 32W for 30-36 inch tank, 40W for 36-42 inch tank, 48W for 48-54 inch tank

4 reviews for hygger Aquarium LED Plant Light

  1. Tarkan

    Is the button controller included or I should I buy it separately

    • service

      Yep, the controller is included in the light package.

  2. peter

    Is there an instructional video on how to correctly use the timer functions. The manual that came with the light is not sufficient and I feel like I’m leaving many exciting options uncovered. Couldn’t find anything on HG-075 here or on YouTube. Thanks.

    • service

      Thanks for your message, peter.
      The 075 video will come lately on the Videos of the site.

      hygger team

  3. Arun Bikram Thapa

    Where can I get it 😊

    • service

      You can get it on hygger Amazon store.


  4. Josh

    This will enhance the color of your fish. Very nice

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