hygger Aquarium Extendable LED Light

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Full spectrum lighting for aquatic plants and freshwater tanks

1 x LED light
1 x Power adapter
2 x Metal brackets
1 x User manual

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High-Quality RGB Lamp Beads

The hygger extend LED light uses ultra-bright full-spectrum 5054 RGB lamp beads, which are composed of LED chips in three colors: red, green, and blue. The lamp beads are larger and emit bright light closer to sunlight. Realistic lighting brings better light perception to aquatic pets.

With high color rendering, high definition, and transparency with vibrant colors, the LED light can create a stunning immersive aquatic environment.

DIY Mode

Hygger full spectrum extendable aquarium light can also change time + brightness + color.
① Timing (TIMER key): There are 3 options which can run for 6 hours, 8 hours, and 12 hours;
② Brightness (+/- key): 20 kinds of brightness.
③ Color (M key): 10 color mode selections, the extended LED light is ideal for fish light, aquatic life, ocean blue, white, red, orange, green, blue, purple, and cycle colors.

By customizing different intensities and colors, this aquarium LED light can replicate a variety of wild aquatic environments.
hygger Aquarium LED Light DIY mode

Easy-to-use 24/7 Mode

The 24/7 fish tank light replicates aquatic pets’ natural living conditions, from warm orange light at sunrise to 100% bright full spectrum light at noon and starry blue light at night.

No need to check local time, just push a button to simulate a fiery red sunrise to a blue starry night. The 24/7 extended LED light will wake up your fish with soft light and ensure a good sleep after being completely shut down at night. It will be off during other times.
hygger Aquarium LED Light 24/7 mode

Full Spectrum Fully Adjustable

Combines a full spectrum of lighting, the brightness of each red, green, and blue LED can be adjusted from 100% to 0%, long press for infinite dimming, and create optimal conditions to meet your tank’s exacting needs.

The controller of the fish tank light is very simple and has no complicated operations. It is perfect for fish and aquatic plants, suitable for all beginners to experienced fish tank enthusiasts.

hygger Aquarium 089 LED Light

Product Parameters & Application Size

Thickened aluminum improves heat dissipation efficiency. The retractable curved bracket has an adjustable length and is easy to install on the fish tank. You can easily mount the LED light on most glass or acrylic aquariums that, with or without a clear cover or frame.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Built-in smooth metal aluminum housing can be easily cleaned with a dry towel


hygger Aquarium 089 LED Light Specification

Additional information


14W for 12-18 inch tank, 18W for 17-23 inch tank, 22W for 23-28 inch tank, 26W for 32-37 inch tank, 36W for 36-41 inch tank, 42W for 46-52 inch tank

1 review for hygger Aquarium Extendable LED Light

  1. traphousenature

    Fantastic set of new lights for my tank!

    Got this as a replacement for my 10 gallon as the existing black plastic hood I had was getting old with water damage, and the installed lights were starting to go out. Needed a replacement, and got this set of lights along with an adjustable glass top.

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