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Marine LED lights provides full spectrum stunning lighting for marine aquariums

1 x Light
1 x Power adapter
1 x Controller
1 x User manual

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Full Spectrum Reef Light

A full spectrum light includes U-V, purple, blue, red, white, and green light.
The blue light promotes the production of vitamin D3, which helps corals absorb calcium and make them show more vivid colors; The U-V light can promote plant defense mechanisms; The purple light can be used to protect fish growth; The white light and red light help the corals grow faster.

hygger 088 LED reef light

The hygger marine clip-on LED light provides evenly distributed lighting and full spectrum stunning lighting for marine aquariums. The marine lighting service life is more than 50,000 hours.

Multifunctional Marine LED Lights

The marine LED lights have an external controller for setting reef lighting:
5-level brightness adjustment – 100% –77% –55% –32% –10%, it is easily dimmed appropriately for different marine lighting to promote the growth of any SPS, LPS, and marine fish.
3 light colors – include blue, warm white, and white light.
3 timing options – the internal light timer allows you to choose the light running for 6H, 9H, or 12H.
Switch – you can press the key to turn on or off the light, the operation is very convenient
High power – 30W clip-on LED light with a 60-degree lens with a higher brightness, and strong penetrating power, which can penetrate deeper water, and save more power.

Professional small marine lighting

The hygger marine LED lights are 3.2″ in diameter, the lighting diffusion range is 20″ x 20″, and the peak PAR is 60 µMol at a depth of 24″. The clip-on light is recommended for 18” x 18” tanks, it is suitable for small aquariums such as saltwater tanks, live rock tanks, low-light soft corals tanks, and reef aquariums. The two-roller silent fan has a lower than 44.7db(A) noise, it will work until the lights are out.

Compact and Stylish

The marine LED lights come with a special anti-rust design and a flexible metal soft arm, the light bracket height is 17.7 inches, and you can freely adjust the direction, and rotate up and down, left and right, it is very easy to install the light on a framed or frameless aquarium, but the tank glass thickness should be less than or equal to 1 inch.

Reef light controller

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Warranty: hygger offers a 1-year warranty, no questions asked within 30 days. If there is a problem during use, please contact us in time.


hygger 088 Marine Clip On LED Light Parameter

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  1. Steve

    I add this LED light to my tank, torch corals grow well so far.

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