Why Pleco Dies

How many of you would think that algae-eating pleco is the hard-core fish that would never die on you as long as they have water? But to tell the truth, the impression people had against pleco is wrong. A lot of plecos would die half a year later if you don’t keep them properly.

So in today’s article, we are going to talk about the causes of pleco’s death. Why Pleco dies

Why do Plecos always die strangely and violently?

  1. The bigger the pleco, the more it can eat – they can starve to death.

Has anyone seen the poop of a pleco? I haven’t seen them. This is the reason– the pleco has not eaten enough and starved to death. As for why they have not eaten enough, one is that the wall of the fish tank is too clean and there are no algae. The second reason is not enough feeding, so there are no excess food residues, live food, or food that sinks to feed pleco. Turn off the lights and feed it every three nights, and the pleco will eat it secretly.

  1. Pleco are afraid of salt

Many aquarists are accustomed to throwing a handful of salt when changing water. Plecos are keeping freshwater fish and do not need to add salt. The salt is only used for emergency treatment when the fish are sick. The pleco is a scaleless fish and is very afraid of salt.

  1. “poison” to death

Although the pleco is a “garbage fish”, it is not an all-purpose trash can. After all, it is also a fish. The medicine used to treat fish diseases is too strong, and it will damage its skin and internal organs.

  1. The PH of the water is too high

Arowanas can still be leveraged as long as they are stable in water with a pH as high as 8.5. Plecos are only suitable for survival in weakly acidic and neutral water. Therefore, when the PH is too high or severely turbulent, the plecos will be more vulnerable than other fish.

  1. Too cold

People always have the illusion that the pleco is not afraid of anything. Sometimes the pleco is mixed with cold-water fish, such as koi. Have you neglected the fact that the pleco is also a tropical fish that is from Brazil and Venezuela?

  1. Eat deteriorated food

The pleco’s stomach and intestines may not be able to bear food residues that deteriorate over time or extremely poor water quality which can result in disease and death.

  1. Killed by a fish

When pleco is polycultures with Arowana, it may be bitten to death within a few days, a half month, or a month.

For so many reasons that can kill a pleco, do you still think that the pleco is tough?

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