Tips to Set up An Aquarium for Aquatic Plants

The steps of setting up the aquarium of aquatic plants are more difficult than those of tropical fish aquariums. The key to attracting attention is the healthy state of aquatic plants and the way of displaying water capes.

All the materials in the aquarium and every detail of the aquarium need to be carefully studied and considered. Not only must we provide the best growth conditions for the plants and fish in the aquarium, but also make the aquarium look as beautiful as possible.

aquatic plants for aquarium

aquatic plants for aquarium

The purpose of this kind of water plant aquarium is to create a miniature work of art that symbiosis with fish and plants. Liquid fertilizer shall be added. With sufficient sunlight, even very difficult-to-grow plants can grow at the bottom, and they will grow short and close to one another, showing an effect similar to a lawn in a garden. Due to its decoration and aquatic planting style, this type of aquarium is very popular among enthusiasts.

  1. Aquarium and sump tank. The clean exterior design aims to ensure that it will not interfere with the viewing of the landscape when it is completed.
  2. Add a layer of base fertilizer. This is essential for growing healthy plants because it will provide nutrients to the plant at the roots.
  3. Cover the base fertilizer with fine gravel or coarse sand. This will provide the plant with a substrate for rooting. Choose a black substrate to complement the color of fish and plants.
  4. Add “hardscape” – wood and some rocks. These will become the focal points, so take time to set them up and try as many different shapes as possible before adding water.
  5. The foreground of this aquarium will be completely covered with plants. This work must be done first because it takes most of the time. Please note that in a standard aquarium, background plants should be planted first.
  6. Next, plant more plants on the back and sides. Now you can see the panorama of the planting of water plants. During the planting process, the plants need to be sprayed with water frequently to keep the plants moist until the planting of aquatic plants is completed.
  7. Add carbon dioxide and external filtration equipment.
  8. Add dechlorinated water. To avoid giving stress to the plants, make sure that the water temperature is at least at room temperature before filling the water, and slowly inject the water into the aquarium to avoid disturbing the bottom and fragile aquatic plants planted in the foreground.
  9. Add a heater
  10. Add fertilizer and turn on the heater and filter. Set the light timer to 10 hours a day, add a bio media that allows the bacteria to multiply in the filter, and use a test kit to test the water quality. The first fish can only be added after the aquarium has gone through water cycling.
  11. Finished aquarium. These plants showed obvious growth after just a few weeks. The neat and simple design of the scenery tank can be placed in any living room or office.

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