Small and Quiet Desktop Fish Tank

Have you ever want to have something different on your office table? Have you ever tried very hard to figure out a gift that can truly impress your kids?

Today I am going to introduce to you a great beginner fish-keeping set to be put on your desktop to relax yourself every once in a while from the busy work.

This 0.75 gallon in size fish tank has a heavy bottom to make sure the fish tank will not fall easily. It comes with 1 small fish tank, 1 bag of aquariums stones, 1 tree branches and 1 small purple grass. You could decorate your fish tank the way you want it with your preferable decoration.

According to scientific study, there are many benefits to keep fish. I truly believe this fish tank will add life to your boring desk top. You can take your mind off from your busy work by staring at your fish and get back to work with a refreshed mind.

When it comes to water change, you just need to change 30% to 50% of water in the fish tank.

You just need to add an small air pump to make the fish survive in this small fish tank. Take a look at hygger small silent air pump. It is a unique hexagon air pump and goes perfectly well with 0.75 gallon fish tank. This hexagon air pump is quiet with noise being 25-35 dB, so you can leave it on desktop without being distracted from your daily work. It comes with everything you need to set an air pump: a dual suction cup to attach it to the fish tank, 3.6ft air tubing and a mini air stone. Just connect air pump to air tubing to air stone, attached air pump to the fish tank, you’re good to go.

If you want us to introduce to you with more packages, please kindly leave it in the comments.

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