Hygger Fish Tank Air Stone



A ready-to-go durable air stone with small & dense bubbles. Quiet and stay in place.

Package includes:
1 x 2-inch air stone or 4-inch air stone
1 x Control Valve
2 x Suction Cups
1 x Check Valve

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Product Features

Buy 1 get 4 free accessories

The air stone kit includes a 2-inch Nano air disc stone, 1 control valve, 1 check valve, 2 suction cups. Please note air tube and air pump are not included.

Ultra-high dissolved oxygen

The upgraded Hygger air stone releases smaller & denser bubbles doubling oxygen dissolving rate in water.

Produces small & dense bubbles quietly

When the bubbles burst into the water, it is less noisy. It can create the atomization effect, and bubble beams will make your aquarium like a fairyland.

Weighs enough to sink

5.2 oz / 150 g, easily sit on the bottom without suction cup. The diameter of air diffuser area is 2 inches, not including the plastic border. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

Driven by 2W or larger wattage air pump

The 2-inch air stone is compatible with 4-mm airline tube. The output air flow is 1L / Min. Please NOTE the deeper you put the air stone under water, the larger wattage air pump you may need to drive the air out.

Directions for Use

It is very easy to use the air stone, just check the picture below if needed.
how to use air stone

Tips to better use the air stone:

1. Please immerse the air disk stone in the water for 2 hours before use.
2. Please increase the wattage of the air pump properly if the tank water exceeds 15-inch depth.
3. Clean the algae sand and other impurities on the surface of the stone once a month, or when you find a decrease in air output.
4. When the power of the air pump meets the bubble stone, the smaller the air output is regulated, the more delicate the bubble will be.


Additional information


2 Inch, 4 Inch

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