Multifunctional Aquarium Package

If you are a minimalist like I am, you probably would like to have one aquarium product that has more than just one function and leaves more space for your fish and plants. Today I am going to introduce to you a hygger multifunctional aquarium package set that could satisfy your needs.

Basic aquarium set

First of all, I would like to introduce to you the hygger filter and light.

This filter and light can be used in less than 9 gallons in size fish tanks with fish tank thickness between 1.5-2.8 inches. The water is going to enter the filter from the bottom and then be filtered by coarse sponge, active carbon, and dense cotton respectively. The coarse sponge is going to filter out impurities, and fish manure and host the nitrifying bacteria, active carbon is going to reduce the aquarium odor and dense cotton is going to further enhance the filtering.

Multifunctional Aquarium Air Diffuser Package

Then the clean water is going to be pumped out and at the same time agitate the water surface to oxygenate the water. The light is going to have 4 different colors white, red, green, and blue. Some of the fish keepers might find the air stone unsightly.

If you want to connect your air pump to a decor that could also work as an air stone, please consider buying a hygger aquarium decoration air stone with light. This decor will look different from 4 different sides. It runs by an air pump which not only generates constant bubbles to oxygenate your fish but also has a colorful LED light to add to the romantic effect of a tree house! It allows fish to swim freely among the trunk, adding natural landscaping to the fish tank, and integrating oxygenation, lighting, and decoration.

The material used for the decor is perfectly safe for your fish as well!

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