How to Set up A Fish Tank

Now that you have a certain understanding of the knowledge required to run an aquarium, it’s time to build an aquarium. This is one of the most interesting parts of fishkeeping because you have realized your dream and brought vitality and color to your living room.

Preparation for Setting up a Fish Tank

Preparation is the key to setting up a tank because you need to prepare everything when you first set up a tank. When you have prepared all the necessary equipment, decorations, and water quality stabilizers, clean out the place where the aquarium will be placed, and install the equipment and decorations that are ready to be placed in the aquarium.

Keep in mind that the aquarium needs to be close to the power source and usually requires a plug-in strip (filter, heater, and light) that can be plugged into with three or more devices. More complex aquariums, such as seawater aquariums, may require more outlets in the power strip, which should be arranged before the aquarium is filled.
Set up a fish tank

How to fill the aquarium with water

If you use tap water, you need a hose or a clean bucket to transfer it from the faucet to the aquarium. The hose is easier, but if you forget that you are filling the tank, or you are unattended during the process, if the hose falls from the aquarium, it may cause you trouble. You can buy a sufficient amount of water from an aquarium store to fill the aquarium or use household water purification equipment to obtain purified water, which is much slower than getting water directly from the faucet.

Preparation for Aquarium Decor

Before putting it in the aquarium, you need to thoroughly rinse the decorative materials, especially gravel. Rocks and driftwood should also be washed away. As mentioned earlier, it is worth checking whether the driftwood will sink, because not all wood will sink. If not, you need to soak it for a few days in advance. If you do not want the tannins leached from the wood to stain the water, you need to soak all the wood in advance.

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The substrate must be spotless to remove the dust because the substrate will be filled with dust when it is dug out, which will make the water in the aquarium become turbid. They need to be placed in a bucket, colander, or sieve, and rinsed carefully with plenty of tap water until the water is clear and transparent, and then put in the aquarium.


When setting up a tank, nothing is simple, so spare yourself plenty of time. Think about how long you think it will take, and then double the time because you can’t do these things too hastily. The equipment must be installed correctly, and the decoration should be placed in the way you want from the beginning. Once the aquarium is full of water, it is not so easy to move things, and it will cause the substrate to be stirred up, making the water turbid.

Setting up a medium to large aquarium is a physical task, so you need to find someone to help. It is best if you have experience in setting up a tank. At least they can wash gravel and wash decor for you.

More importantly, have you considered how to move the empty aquarium and sump tank into place without assistance, or if the package needs to be disassembled, who will carry it when the package is removed? If someone else helps, the helper can turn the faucet on or off for you in another room, or help you fix the external filter tubes in place when they are cut to fit. If you forget some basic things, they can help you go to the aquarium shop to buy them. All of this will save precious time and reduce your stress.

More things to consider before setting up a fish tank

Buy more dechlorinating agent than you need, in case you calculate the volume of the aquarium wrong or have to dump the water and start over. Put a lot of towels on the floor to suck the leaked water, because a lot of water will flow out when you set up the tank. Put on old clothes because you will definitely get yourself wet. Finally, set up a tank during the business hours of an aquarium store near you. If your filter doesn’t work when you need it, or you need extra things and can’t buy it, you’ll be in trouble.

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