hygger Aquarium Waterfall Filter

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Hang-On waterfall filter works as a rotatable aquarium surface oil skimmer for freshwater saltwater tank

Product includes:
1x Aquarium waterfall filter
1x Inlet cover
1x Water pipe
1x Filter sponge(S)
2x Filter sponge(M)
1x Low water level pipe
1x Surface skimmer
1x Fish tank position buckle
1x Inlet filter cotton
1x Flow regulating valve
1x User manual

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Hang-on fish tank filter

The multifunction water filter adopts a suspension design, which hangs on the outer wall of the fish tank to save space for fish exploring. In addition to the beautiful fish tank, it also can filtrate, water circulation, and oxygenation, and works as a skimmer to remove oil stains on the aquarium surfaces. Suitable for small and medium tanks from 5 to 16 gallons.

Rotatable oil skimmer

This aquarium filter can automatically telescopically float or rotate with the water level to remove tank surface oil stains and make the water clean. The effect of the rotation is related to the water flowing out of the outlet and the water flow of other water circulations in the tank.

Replaceable filter box

The waterfall filter chip is assembled by laminating a variety of materials. Microporous filter cotton is designed for blocking and filtering impurities residue and fish feces, etc. The activated carbon sponge can reduce aquarium odor and enhance filtration. It can cultivate beneficial bacteria to improve the filtration ecosystem.

Adjust water flow

It can freely adjust the amount of water flow with the flow regulating valve, you can use the wide-mouth water outlet to create a waterfall water effect and increase oxygen in the tank because it is a wave design. With the retractable water inlet tube, you can adjust the water filter to the proper position according to the depth of the water and need, it is suitable for different water levels.
Adjust water flow

Silent waterfall filter

There is a shockproof foot pad that reduces the noise generated by collisions, and 4 watt /5-watt filter has super sound-off <30dB. The shock-absorbing fixed knob helps with stability filtration.

More tank space for fish

Hang on outside the tank wall with a fish tank position buckle, does not occupy the tank space, does not affect the landscaping, and the running pump will not disturb the aquatic pets. The extendable water inlet pipe can be adjusted according to the water level of the fish tank, and the filter sponge cover at the inlet prevents small fish from being inhaled.

More tank space for fish

Directions for Use

Aquarium filter principle of filtration

1. Dirty water enters from the bottom of the filter.
2. Part of the water with oil film enters from the oil scum and removes the port.
3. Dirty water passes through the filter material box.
4. Filtered clean water.

Install the filter in the tank

Install filter in tank

Clean and maintain

1. Open the lid and take out the filter box.
Recommended for cleaning the filter with tank water every 2 weeks or 1 month.
2. The filter material inside can be replaced, and can also be freely matched with other materials.
3. Please fill the filter chamber with water before using it.

Use Tips

The 5-watt filter Q.Max is 127GPH while the 4-watt filter Q.Max is 100GPH, both models have the water flow adjustable rotary knob.


hygger 027 filter specification

Additional information


S for 5-8 Gal, M for 9-16 Gal

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  1. John J Wedrall

    This Hygger filter is light weight, compact and blends in well with Aqua Scaping .

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