Make Your Saltwater Aquarium Ocean-Friendly

Do you like to have a trip to the seaside? The seaside scenery is fascinating, right? Then, would you like to set up an ocean-friendly saltwater aquarium? Generally, saltwater aquariums can be classified into three types – fish-only tanks, fish-only with live rocks tanks, and reef tanks. Next, this article will dig into a deeper discussion about saltwater aquariums.

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Can ocean water be used in saltwater aquarium

There are many water sources for aquariums, including tap water, well water, distilled water, reverse osmosis water, deionized water, ocean water, and others. As for saltwater aquariums, take ocean water as an example. Ocean water is a great alternative. It makes saltwater aquariums more natural. However, the ocean water you collected should be away from factories, or farms. Because the water near there may contain toxins, which are damaging to fish. By the way, it is advisable to collect clean and fresh ocean water during high tide.

Besides that, it is not recommended to add ocean water to the saltwater aquarium directly. Otherwise, it may cause water parameter changes, which is not good for living organisms in the tank. As a result, you’d better treat the ocean water before adding it to the aquarium. You can filter the water and store it without light, or use a UV sterilizer.

In addition to ocean water, tap water, reverse osmosis water, and deionized water are good options. And the tap water should be dechlorinated before use. Nevertheless, distilled water is too pure for saltwater aquariums. Because fish need minerals to survive, like calcium. Furthermore, holding saltwater fish in distilled water may cause damage to the nervous system. Thus, it is best not to use distilled water in saltwater aquariums.

Equipment for the ocean-friendly aquarium

In addition to the water, you should also add some aquarium equipment to keep fish and other creatures healthy. In this segment, we will cover some basic aquarium equipment for ocean eco-friendly saltwater aquariums.

Aquarium light

Adding an aquarium light is necessary. It makes sure the plant photosynthesis and enhances the fish’s body color. Also, adequate lighting is beneficial for coral growth. Keeping the light on for about 8–14 hours each day is applicable. And a Bluetooth LED light is feasible for the saltwater tank but excludes coral tanks. One of the default scenes ‘ocean blue light’ has 30% red light, 50% green light, and 100% blue light, it is a special scene for creating the eco-friendly aquarium. The LED light is convenient and can be controlled by an APP.

Aquarium heater

A stable water temperature is essential for saltwater aquariums. Otherwise, fish, coral, or other creatures may face death. Luckily, an aquarium heater is helpful to maintain stable water temperature. An aquarium double quartz heater is an excellent choice. With a built-in intelligent LED digital temperature display and three temperature probes, even for creatures requiring high water temperature, you can easily build an eco-friendly aquarium for the ocean, and the aquarium heater is a variety suitable for 5-237 gallon tanks.


A wave maker can create water movement, and then remove the fish feces, debris, and other substance. A wave maker runs quietly, and it also improves water circulation and increases the oxygen level. Aside from that, the wave maker can simulate ocean currents so that the tank inhabitants can feel the washing of ocean currents as freely as they live in the sea. Consequently, the water temperature can be equalized quickly. By the way, if you have a large aquarium, you should prepare a double-head wave maker.

Protein skimmer

Feces and uneaten food would be decomposed into toxins – ammonia. It is bad for fish and coral growth. But do not worry, a protein skimmer can help you a lot. It can decrease the protein and ammonia levels, improve the dissolved oxygen level in the water, and purify the water. Hence, it helps to keep great water quality. Moreover, one tip here: you should turn off the protein skimmer when you are feeding. Or the skimmer would remove the protein necessary for coral.

Water pump

Generally speaking, an aquarium water pump makes sense in keeping good water quality by circulating and filtering the water in the aquarium system. The water pump can create water movement, which enables aeration by mixing the water on the surface and the rest. It provides oxygen and nutrients for fish and is important for many creatures in tanks. For example, the coral may become poor in health if it lacks water movement. Besides, it can prevent the disease of fish through regular and frequent circulation.

Aquarium filter

To keep great water quality, adding an aquarium filter is essential. It can remove excess waste and toxic substances, such as ammonia, nitrates, and nitrates. A small filter is an excellent option for 0.5-20 gallon saltwater aquariums. Besides, mechanical and biological filtration helps to keep the water clear.

The easiest way to maintain an ocean-friendly saltwater aquarium

Curious about the saltwater aquarium? Why not set up one? Here are some suggestions. To begin with, clean your tank and position it properly. Then, you can add the substrate. Nonetheless, you’d better rinse the substrate in advance. Next, you can place decorations in the fish tank to build a corner of the ocean, like rocks, coral, and driftwood. And with developed bacteria cultures, live rocks can be added to new tanks to start cycling. Then, it is time to add water and cycle the tank. After that, it is feasible to introduce fish.

However, to avoid injury caused by fighting, you should consider the fish compatibility in a saltwater tank. In a saltwater community tank, for example, you can add clownfish, royal gramma, or other fish species.

To build an ocean eco-friendly aquarium, you can dare to breed a variety of fern seaweed, such as Red Dragon’s Breath – Halymenia sp, Sargassum, Padina, Maiden’s Hair, and Neomeris annulata that is safe seaweed for corals reef tank. By the way, adding some basic aquarium equipment is necessary, such as an aquarium filter, especially a wave maker, and other aquarium supplies.

Tips to keep a healthy saltwater aquarium

It is no doubt that saltwater aquariums also need proper maintenance. To keep a healthy saltwater aquarium, here are some tips for you.

Monitor the water parameters

As the water would evaporate, and then the water salinity increases accordingly. Therefore, you should add some new water to keep a stable salinity level. Besides that, the water temperature should be maintained at around 75℉. Additionally, you should check the water parameters with the aquarium water test strips. If the levels are out of the ideal range, you’d better make adjustments as soon as possible.

Water changes

It is recommended to change one-tenth of the water once a week. An aquarium vacuum will give you a hand. It is convenient and time-saving. And the gravel also plays a role in sand washing and excrement absorption. To keep great water quality, do not forget to clean the aquarium filter regularly, for instance, once each month.


Before feeding, it is advisable to search the suitable food sources for your fish. They can be herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores. The dietary requirements are correspondingly diverse. Also, do not overfeed, twice a day is feasible. A balanced diet is vital. Otherwise, disease or death issues would appear.

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