Hygger Wave Maker Pump



A smart and quiet wave maker which mimics the currents!

Package includes:
1 x Wave Maker Pump
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Customized current

A smart wave maker with built-in controller that mimics ocean waves by setting various flow modes, power and frequency according to sunrise and sunset, day and night.

Smart LED controller

With LED display controller, you can set the strength of the wave, flow modes, and can also set it to 10 minutes’ auto off mode for feeding.

Quiet operation

Safe 24-V DC powered controllable wave maker with energy-efficient magnetic propeller and motor can circulate water quietly, improve water quality, and eliminate dead spots.

Magnetic mount

You can mount it anywhere with strong magnet suction cup. Plus, you can make installation, adjustments and removal a snap.

Directions for Use

You can understand the control panel well by the following picture:

Follow the steps below to install the pump.
Step 1: Position power head 15-20 cm below water level.
Step 2: Make sure power head is fully submerged.
Step 3: Connect power head with controller with DC adapter.
Step 4: Plug it in and ready to go.

Maintenance tips:
1. Clean power head regularly to extend its service life.
2. Controller and adapter are not waterproof, so please keep them dry.
3. Power head must be fully submerged. And do not run in dry!
4. Only suitable for indoor use!

Other useful tips:
1. If you set wave mode into 4 (random mode), power and frequency can’t be adjusted. Such as 1040, 2040, 3040, 4040, 5040.
2. If you set wave mode into 3 (constant stream), frequency can’t be adjusted. Such as 5138, 5238, 5338, 5438.
3. If powerhead runs reversely, it means something is clogged inside. You need to take it out and clean the impeller.
4. Error code 7 means the impeller is stuck. You need to unplug it and take it apart to prod the motor fan in a few circles, then restart.
5. Remember to place the pump 6 inches below water surface. Water that is too shallow could also cause error 7.


5 Period of Time
The default time cannot be set. You can set each period of time with specific power, flow mode and frequency. Default settings shown in the picture below.

4 Levels of Power
There are 4 levels of power to be set from low to high: 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.

4 Flow Modes
The third digital number indicates wave mode:
1. Classic Wave
2. Nutrition Transmission Wave
3. Constant Stream
4. Random Wave

8 Levels of Frequency
The frequency is programmable. You can set it from fast to slow. “1” is the fastest and “8” is the slowest.

Additional information


1600GPH, 2600GPH

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