hygger Cross-flow Wave Pump

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Adjustable cross flow pump for freshwater and marine reef aquariums up to 265 gallons

Package includes:
1 x Wave pump
1 x DC adapter
1 x LCD controller with holder
1 x User manual

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Unique Cross-Flow Pump

hygger cross flow wave pump generates soft waves and the waves are spread 360 degrees for freshwater and reef aquariums up to 265 gallons. It creates a water flow similar to the ocean and activates the water in the entire tank, eliminates dead spots, and creates a beautiful fish gathering shape for the appealing fish tank view.

Multi-functional Wave Pump

As a powerful wave pump, it has 5 wave modes available – pulse wave, sine wave, constant wave, random wave, and cross flow wave; 3 working modes: feeding mode, night mode, and linkage mode. Additionally, the pump has various options for your aquariums including 1-100 flow rate levels and 1-100 frequency levels.

Intelligent LED Controller

You can set the cross-flow wave pump to different modes to simulate natural ocean waves with the intelligent LED controller.
hygger 070 Cross-flow Wavemaker

Pattern Wave Effect

hygger aquarium wave pump has a powerful magnetic base that allows the pump can be installed at different positions in the fish tank to achieve different effects:
1. Installed on the upper side of the fish tank, to form different wave shapes;
2. Installed in the middle of the fish tank, you can see a continuous stream of small bubbles, simulating the effect of the ocean;
3. Installed at the bottom of the fish tank, it can blow away debris, remove the accumulated substance, and keep the tank clean
Install wave pump in tank

Super Silent Wave Maker

By using the sine wave control technology, the cross-flow wave pump transport circulating water with almost no sound heard during the operation. Its rotatable head generates waves from multiple directions, making it perfect for creating a natural environment for aquatic organisms quietly.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

How to set the FEED mode with a cross-flow wave pump?
1. Long press the “OFF/FEED” button, and the display shows “Fd10”, and the wave pump stops working, it is convenient for fish to feed.
2. After 10 minutes, the wave pump automatically enters the mode before feeding to start working.
3. If you need to return to work during feeding, long press the “OFF/FEED” button.

5 modes to make wave

How to set the NIGHT mode on the wave pump?
1. Long press the “Wi-Le/NIGHT” button to achieve day and night waves. When the controller is in a dark environment, the wave pump will automatically switch to constant wave mode with a minimum flow rate.
2. Long press again to exit night mode.

How to link more wave pumps by one controller?
There is no wire connection is required, the wave pumps can be linked and operated simultaneously by one controller.
1. Master control: Press the “Wi-Le/NIGHT” button once, the “Master” icon will light up and enter master control, then the controller can operate all functions.
2. Slave-control: Press the “Wi-Le/NIGHT” button twice, and the “Slave” icon will light up and enter the Slave-control, the sub-control controller can only adjust the flow rate, other operations are invalid.


Cross flow wave pump parameters

Additional information


12W-1321GPH, 18W-1850GPH, 25W-2380GPH

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3 reviews for hygger Cross-flow Wave Pump

  1. Allan Marshall

    I purchased the 18w unit for a 54 gallon corner tank. It creates great flow and doesn’t leave any dead spots. Fish and coral extremely happy. I did have a problem with the units left side having reduced flow after a month of operation. Luna, with customer support was extremely helpful and resolved my problem right away. Great company and products. Great service. You don’t have to break the bank for your tank!

  2. Kellye

    I bought the Hygger 25w. It certainly has power but it’s a little too good for my little 62g. I purchased it purely for the magnetic hold on glass thickness. I didn’t believe Hygger wave makers actually hold at 10mm so I bought the next larger. My mistake. The 18w holds in 10mm glass just fine!! I have a spare 25w now.

  3. Daniel

    The wave pump is not bad, exactly. My fish now live happily with the wave the pump creates. And it helps to circulate water to every corner of my tank.

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