hygger Aquarium Mini Wave Maker

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Mini wave maker for 5~20 Gallon Aquarium Saltwater and Freshwater with quiet powerhead

Package includes:
1x Mini wave maker
1x Magnet suction base
1x User manual

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Agitate Water & Circulation

hygger mini wave maker creates a surge current in which adding oxygen near the water surface makes fish thrive. It not only provides a natural current for corals and gives fish additional exercise, but also circulates water for evenly heating.
You can adjust the power head to blow up debris in the gravel and conceal the wave maker from view. It is easy to move the unit around during operation without putting your hands into the water.

hygger mini wave maker 021

Oxygenation & Filtration

The hygger mini wave maker for aquariums can enhance agitate the water and efficient filtration.
For agitate water: place the mini wave pump near the water surface to create a surge current which adds oxygen to the water.
For efficient filtration: adjust the power head down, its water flow blows up the debris that piles up at the gravel, and eventually be sucked into the filter.

360°Flexible Head

Build in a 360-degree rotatable ball joint design, the mini wave maker can easily adjust any direction of water current to satisfy different angle needs, which helps to reduce dead stains on corners to keep the tank clean.

hygger 021 mini wave maker installation

Easy to Disassemble & Clean

Certified by ETL of a high standard, the power head is coupled with an efficient motor and corrosion-resistant ceramic shaft. It is long-lasting, making wave and saltwater aquariums available. And the protection guard is removable for easier cleaning.

Easy Installation & Magnetic Base

The maker’s magnet allows you to easily mount on the 4~10 mm thick glass, and you can freely move to find the optimal place for your tank. It also comes with a cotton pad that is meant to absorb vibration and helps in maintaining less noisy operation.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Step 1: Rotate a side magnet attachment. Then install the mini wave maker into the ball joint.
Step 2: Put the maker into the tank and close the tank wall.
(The magnet is decent enough to stay securely on a 4~10 mm thick tank)
Step 3: Slide the magnetic holder slowly to fit together.
Note: Do not directly overlap the inside and outside to prevent the glass from breaking. And be careful of your fingers when installing.


Size: 2.6 x 2.16x 4.7 inch
Max flow rate: 530GPH/1056GPH
Wattage: 3W/6W
Voltage: AC 110~120V
Power cord length: 5.9FT

Additional information


530GPH for 5-20 gallons tank, 1056GPH for 20-100 gallons tank

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1 review for hygger Aquarium Mini Wave Maker

  1. Evangeline Hwang

    Did what was expected of it. The price was affordable. U get wat u paid. Very quiet. Really helps with water circulation. Use it for my 20g saltwater tank works perfect, I have the canister filter on one side and the current maker on the other works perfectly. Creates a smaller flow which is just what I wanted. Great value.

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