hygger Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

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Manual gravel vacuum to keep the water clear as a bell in seconds for fish tanks up to 25 – 32 inches in depth

Package includes:
1x Gravel clean pipe
1x Debris vacuum
1x Suction ball
1x Water outlet connector
1x Water inlet connector
3x Water inlet pipe
1x Water inlet kits
1x Filter screen
1x Water outlet hose
1x Flow control valve
1x Hose fixture clamp
1x User manual

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Easy gravel washing

hygger gravel vacuum cleaner can clean every corner of the tank without wet hands, and quickly change the tank water. Manual gravel cleaner by testing at the fastest it only presses 3 times, and the water can be auto flowed, complete the water circulation from the inside of the tank to the outside, and take away the impurities on the sand and gravel through the water flow.

3 in 1 multi-function

hygger gravel cleaner for aquariums equipped with a duckbill suction inlet accessory, it is easy to suck the feces away. Change water with 79 in long high-quality PVC hose, the lowest water level line can reach 0.8 in, and the first press operation can be as low as 11 inches.

New special design

This manual aquarium cleaner is also equipped with a handle-type operation ball, which conforms to ergonomics and engineering, it can be held or pinched, more labor-saving, simpler, and faster to vacuum the gravel. There is a flow-regulating clamp to control the water outlet flow.

Various combinations

It is suitable for types of big middle fish tanks, with spliced extension tubes, and can be installed according to demand: Handle + gravel tube; Handle + hard tube + gravel tube; handle + hard tube + gravel tube + duckbill head.

Wildly application for a variety of fish tanks

80GPH/256GPH water flow, suitable for gravel cleaning in big and small fish tanks:
The L model gravel vacuum 256 GPH comes with 3 extended pipes which is a total length of 43 inches. It can be extended from 24.5 to 43 inches and has a 78-inch outlet hose. It can be used in tanks up to 32 inches in depth and is suitable for middle or large-sized aquariums.
L Model Accessories:
Large Gravel Vacuum Parts
The S model gravel vacuum 80 GPH comes with 2 extended pipes which is a total length of 32 inches. It can be extended from 22 inches to 32 inches and has a 78-inch outlet hose. It can be used in tanks up to 25 inches in depth and is suitable for small or middle-sized aquariums.
S Model Accessories:
Small Gravel Vacuum Parts

Durable Material

Using EVA materials, with rubber-like elasticity, do not worry about airbag damage and leakage.

Various Attachment

It is designed with various attachments that help to get rid of food wastes and feces at the bottom of the fish tank and change water quickly.

Directions for Use

How to gravel sand washing operation
Step 1: Connect the outlet hose and inlet tube.
Step 2: Hold or pinch the suction ball.
Step 3: Get the gravel to the tube(not too much); Move left and right to clean; Lift and down to replace the gravel.
Note: When installing, be sure to use the short end of the bump to connect. Do not install it incorrectly, it will affect the use and may not be able to absorb water.

Use Tips:

When washing sand:
If the filter from your fish tank is powerful, you can put the outlet hose into the fish tank, and the sand is circulated in the tank without draining the water. If not, it is recommended that you remove turbid water directly from the tank and change to clean water.


Manufacturer: ‎ hygger
Package Dimensions: ‎10.24 x 4.33 x 2.36 inches; 11.15 Ounces

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L Model, S Model

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1 review for hygger Gravel Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Denise

    Very simple to put together 2 seconds &your ready to use your Hygger gravel cleaner.
    I couldn’t believe 2 simple squeezes & the water was coming through the tube & in the bucket, which also comes with clamp to clamp the hose to the bucket, so the hose doesn’t fall out.Highly recommended

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