How to Keep Live Plants in A Saltwater Tank

Growing live plants in saltwater tanks is as great fun as growing in a freshwater aquarium. It enhances the beauty of the tank as well as the aquarium room. Several other benefits are there. But, the foremost thing is that you have to properly set up your tank. Here in the following, you will learn about saltwater plants care guide.

Advantages of live plants in saltwater tanks

Having live plants in saltwater aquariums carries several benefits that help to maintain the shape of the tank. Some of them are the following:

  • Ecosystem Maintenance
  • Natural Filtration
  • Control over Algae Growth
  • Salad for Fish
  • Natural Environment
  • Aesthetic Enhancement


Here are some important considerations that shouldn’t be overlooked when contemplating the feasibility of growing live plants in saltwater tanks:

  • Saline Resistant Plants

Always go with plants that are saline-resistant.

  • Lighting

Provide the lightning according to the species to meet their photosynthesis requirements. i.e. marine LED light is a good choice to add color to the plants.

  • Water Parameter

Should have a proper look at the water parameters, i.e., temperature, pH, salinity specific gravity, and nutrient level along salinity.

  • Livestock Friendly Plants

Always keep in mind the behavior of livestock toward the plants, whether they like or dislike them.

  • Proper Tank Parameters

Proper water circulation, type of substrate, and frequent maintenance are some other factors that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Tank Setup

Collect the following objects, put together asides, and follow the following procedure. Before jumping into the procedure, here is the list of the items.
1. Desired aquarium size
2. A filter and skimmer
3. Substrate
4. Heater
5. Plants
6. Fish

saltwater plants care guide

Set up a saltwater aquarium with live plants

Here is the procedure that you can adapt to set up a successful aquarium with live plants.

Salt Concentration
The foremost perspective in setting up a saltwater tank is to choose a specific saline concentration in water as it will help to rest of the settings. An aquarium hydrometer is the best tool to test salinity and gravity.

Wisely choose a substrate, as it will play a big part in the growth of plants. Add an appropriate depth of substrate by considering the plant types and height of the aquarium.

Install the lights according to the selected plant’s photosynthesis requirements.

Introduce the plants in the tank. Here you can go a little bit creative with the texture, type, and color of the live plants. You can find plants in the next section.

Installing instruments
Install all the instruments, i.e., heater, water circulation pump, filter, etc.

Introduce livestock
On reaching this point, you are ready to introduce livestock in your saltwater tank.

How to choose the right plants for your saltwater tank?

Being on the mark in choosing the right plants for your tank, seems a difficult job. Here are a few questions that will help you to be successful in your selection job.

What is your main goal for having live plants in your aquarium?

If your primary objective, is having a thriving environment, then you can go with working plants. They will help you to moderate the ammonia level and better oxygenation. On the other hand, if your main focus is aesthetics, then you can go with some colorful and interesting texture plants.

Which shape do you want to see?

It is another important point to consider when you want to see your aquarium. Choose the plants according to the design. In this, you have to consider the plant shape, size, and texture of the plants. To have the right plant, consider the lightning condition, flow rate, and livestock compatibility.

Can you meet with plant thriving conditions?

Often someone wants to see some specific plant types in their tank, but they can’t due to lack of compatibility. Therefore, before, jumping to the selection check the available facilities and go aside with them. For this, you can be concerned with the compatibility section. If you are keen to see some specific type, then build the condition according to that.

live plants in saltwater tanks

Suggested live plants in saltwater tanks

Here are some live plants, that are easy going and you can go with them. For more types, you can go for more saltwater plant species.

Green Finger Plant
The green finger plant is one of the loveliest green macroalgae plants. As the name suggests, its shape is like a little green finger poking out. Its growth is rapid and acts as a natural filtration and oxygenation agent. The best growth temperature for this plant is 71-77 ℉.

Spaghetti Green algae
This is another type of macroalgae species. Along with the microalgae control, it helps in balancing the ammonia cycle in the tank, by absorbing nitrates and releasing oxygen. Spaghetti also helps in buffering the pH level of the tank.
Like the green finger, it thieves at a rapid pace, because fish don’t like to eat them. However, its tangled structure, makes it attractive for the fish to hide themselves.

Mermaid’s Fan
The shape of the plant gave it its name. Its shape is very interesting, as it grows in a single broad leaf and helps a lot in decorating the tank. The growth of this plant is also rapid as it is also a disliked salad option for fish. However, it requires control over the ammonia level in the tank.

How to grow aquatic plants in a saltwater tank, what are the planting tips?

Once a feasible situation is ready for the plant in your marine tank, then go on planting. There are several aspects that you can’t overlook while growing plants. Below is the saltwater plants care guide.

Regular trimming
If you are growing macroalgae plants, then it is important to trim the plants at regular intervals. The growth of macroalgae plants is rapid. If you fail to trim on time, then they will overpower your tank.

Check on condition
Every plant thrives in a specific condition. Therefore, you have to keep a close eye on the conditions. Optimum temperature level, pH of water, air circulation, and nutrient level are some important conditions.

Lighting condition
Photosynthesis is the most important feature of any plant that is carried by light. Therefore, you should have to maintain the proper luminance in your tank. It will help to grow your plants at your desired pace.

Final words

Having live plants in your saltwater is great fun that carries several advantages. You have gone through all of these upsides along with the proper setup method. Choosing plants is completely your personal choice. Some of the plants are suggested by this article and for the complete details, you can read a full Wikipedia page. Finally, properly take care of your plants and have fun all the time.

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