2.5W Portable Rechargeable Aquarium Air Pump

What is your biggest concern that you have when you were fishing by the river, or taking home your newly-purchased fish from aquariums or having a power failure? I think the answer for most fish hobbyist is that the fish might die on you due to lack of oxygen.

Hygger 2.5 W Portable & Rechargeable Aquarium Air Pump comes in handy.

Portable & Rechargeable

With hygger 2.5 W portable & rechargeable aquarium air pump, you can provide enough oxygen to your fish for 24 hours in continuous mode and 48 hours in intermittent mode.

It is also very easy to charge the air pump with a USB cable. You can charge the air pump with the wall charger, power bank, car charger, and laptop.

If the power cuts out, the battery takes over. It is super energy-saving with only 2.5 W needed.

Dual Outlet

The powerful air pump can provide for two fish containers at the same time with dual outlets.

The check valve that comes with the package will make sure that even the air pump is put below the water level, the water will not flow back and damage the air pump.

If you want, you can also choose the 1.7 W single portable & rechargeable air pump.

It is a rechargeable and portable air pump for 5 – 30 gallon fresh water and saltwater tanks and can be widely used in aquariums, outdoor fishing, fish transportation, and power outages.

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