hygger Portable Aquarium Air Pump

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A ready-to-go portable air pump for outdoor fishing and blackouts!


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Package included:
1 x Air pump
1 x Air stone
1 x Air tube (39 in)
1 x Check valve
1 x Power adapter
1 x USB cable (39.6 in)


Portable & Rechargeable

Small and portable air pump with USB universal interface for charging. Built-in 1500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, can work continuously for up to 22 hrs.

Effective Air Bubbles

1.7 W single outlets air pump for aquariums with 1.7 L/Min air flow rate, providing effective bubbles for fish in your aquariums or outdoors.

Wide Application

Perfect for 5-30 Gallon Tanks for Fresh Water and Salt Water. Wide-using scenes like aquarium tank/outdoor fishing/fish transportation/power outages.

Emergency Aquarium Oxygen Pump

Automatically switch from electric to lithium battery at power failure. Perfect for your aquarium when away from home or having a blackout.

Eco-friendly & Safe to use

Low energy consumption of 1.7 W. Won’t get overheated when running, and is energy-efficient. The check valve keeps water from back flowing into your pump, much safer.


Voltage: 5 V
Power: 1.7 W
Airflow: 1.7 L/Min
Battery capacity: 1500 mAh
Best water depth: below 1.7 FT
Working time: 18–22 hrs in continuous mode/31 – 37 hrs in intermittent mode

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1 review for hygger Portable Aquarium Air Pump

  1. Ian Bonnette

    Great little airpump, powers my 20 tall with no problems. Good flow and user friendly,

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