hygger AC Ultra Quiet Air Pump

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Ultra quiet AC air pump for large fish tank up to 600 gallons, hydroponic system, and household

1 x Air pump
2 x Air tube
2 x Check valves
2 x Airstone
1 x User manual

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Double Stainless Steel Air Outlet

The AC air pump has two high-quality stainless steel air outlets that diffuse uniform and stable bubbles, it comes with full accessories and is powerful. The ultra-quiet air pump is great for running two air stones or sponge filters at the same time and can be connected to filters. A large amount of perfect dissolved oxygen to oxygenate freshwater or marine fish tanks or hydroponic systems.

hygger 095 AC Ultra Quiet Air Pump

Silent & Firmly Fix

The bearingless motor works through magnetic bearings and reduces friction and noise. Four rubber feet reduce the contact between the motor and the casing, reducing the transmission path of noise. They firmly fix the AC air pump and provide sound insulation, not only anti-slip but also shock-absorbing.

Even when used in the bedroom, the unique shock-absorbing design has a decibel under 35 dB, making it a powerful mute effect when pumping air.

AC air pump features

Adjustable Air Volume

The hygger 095 air pump is designed with a simple shape, one knob controls the switch and flow adjustment. It solves the problem of insufficient oxygen supply due to insufficient depth of the fish tank and insufficient pressure.

Three models of the AC air pump:

The 4W pump’s airflow can reach up to 300, suitable for fish tanks up to 5 feet deep/1.5M
7W air pump’s flow can reach up to 600gal, suitable for fish tanks up to 5.9 feet deep/1.8M
11W AC air pump has an airflow reach up to 600gal, suitable for fish tanks up to 6.5 feet deep/2M

Reliable and easy to use

The ABS-thickened shell blocks noise transmission and is reliable. There are two ways to install the hygger 095 air pump kit. If it is installed below the water surface of the water tank, you need to install a check valve.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at any time. We provide a one-year free warranty.


hygger 095 AC air pump parameters

Additional information


4W Tank Up to 300 Gal, 7W Tank Up to 600 Gal, 11W Tank Up to 600 Gal

2 reviews for hygger AC Ultra Quiet Air Pump

  1. Snorkel

    This is the best air pump I have found and believe me I tried and sent back a bunch.
    This one is quiet on max and is very powerful. I have it powering 3 undergravel filters, one 75gal that has 3 uplift tubes and two smaller tanks with 1 uplift each and it powers all 5 with great results 💯

  2. Summer

    This pump looks nice, it’s quiet, and cranks out the air! The variable settings work well and are very intuitive, I would recommend purchasing this pump!

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