hygger Circular Air Pump

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Ultra quiet 3W/8W air pump with accessories for up to 300-gallon fish tanks

1 x Air pump
1 x Regulating valve for 8W
2 x Air stone for 8W (The 3W model includes 1 x Air stone)
2 x Check valve for 8W (The 3W model includes 1 x Check valve)
2 x Air pipe for 8W (The 3W model)
1 x User manual

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Stylish Round Shape

The air pump provides powerful and dependable airflow to the aquarium, it has a compact design and comes with a unique round shape. The pump is a great option for desktop aquariums, and perfect for aeration in 10 – 300 gallon freshwater and marine aquariums.

hygger 078 circular air pump

Metal Outlet Air Pump

3W air pump – The max air pressure is 0.02Mpa, suitable for fish tanks height up to 2M; The max air flow is 50GPH, suitable for fish tank 10–100 gallons.

8W air pump – The max air pressure is 0.03Mpa, suitable for fish tanks height of up to 3M, and the max airflow is 140GPH, suitable for fish tanks 20-300gallon.

hygger 078 air pump package

Replaceable Air Filter Cotton

The air filter cotton is used to filter impurities in the air and needs to be replaced after a period of use. Replace the filter cotton to make the air pump work in a good condition for a longer service time.

Rubber Shock Mounts

The circular air pump comes with a patented dome shape, suspended motor, and sound-dampening chambers for quiet operation. The rubber feet eliminate sound-producing vibrations.

Fashion Appearance

The unique round hurricane appearance with metal air outlet and flow adjustment knob. As a stylish air pump that withstands long-term use, the unique shape design adds some fun to aquarium lovers.

Circular Quiet Pump

The circular air pump uses a suspended motor and soundproof chamber for quiet operation. The upper and lower shells are tightly sealed, and the thickened side shells wrap the gap, which effectively reduces noise. The soft silicone foot design also reduces the vibration effectively when pumping air.

Adjustable Air Flow

The pump has a rotary knob to control the number of air bubbles, you can adjustable air volume manually, it is much safer than electronic adjustment, and won’t cause shakes and electric field fluctuation.

Adjustable air pump

Complete Accessories

Comes with everything you need. Select the proper size for your tank – the 3W air pump has a single air outlet, and the 8W air pump comes with a T-tube that can connect 2 air stones.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Select the proper air pump size for your tank
The 3W air pump has a single air outlet, and the 8W air pump comes with a T-tube that can connect 2 air stones.

Air pump for freshwater and marine aquariums


hygger 078 air pump specification

Additional information


3W for Aquarium up to 100 Gal, 8W for Aquarium up to 300 Gal

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  1. Sally

    My bettas live happily with this air pump. Overall, it is not bad!

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