hygger Rechargeable AC Air Pump

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Ultra quiet rechargeable AC/DC air pump for tanks up to 33/170/200 gal with accessories

1 x Air pump
2 x Air tube
2 x Check valve
2 x Air stones
1 x Type-C cord
1 x USB adapter
1 x User manual

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Rechargeable Air Pump

hygger AC air pump has a built-in 2800mAH rechargeable lithium battery, which provides up to 23 hours of working time in normal mode and up to 24 hours of working time in intermittent mode. It is the rechargeable pump for fish tanks, outdoor fishing, transporting fish, moving, traveling, bait cooling, transporting bait or minnows, and power outages.

It can be used as a standard air pump, always plugged into AC power when there is a power outage the pump switches to DC power, and is powered by a lithium battery.

Multi-function and Simple Operation

The four power lights indicate the current air pump charging status. Continuous and intermittent modes can be easily switched by pressing the [M] button. If the intermittent indicator light flashes, the air pump is in intermittent mode, and if it stays on, it continues working mode. You can press the “+/-” button to control the airflow rate.

The multiple oxygenation modes make the rechargeable air pump meet the daily needs of the aquariums. It is also an emergency air pump.

hygger 087 Rechargeable AC Air Pump

Powerful Air Volume

The AC/DC air pump can generate large amounts of aeration for tanks up to 200 gallons, saving the lives of fish & aquarium pets. In continuous mode, the maximum air flow output can reach 2×2.5L/min and the air pressure can be 0.025Mpa when continuously generating bubbles. Intermittent mode works for 10 seconds and then pauses for 10 seconds, which saves energy and extends the use time of the pump.

Energy saving air pump

Ultra-quiet Air Pump

The ABS thickened body material and four rubber feet added at the bottom can reduce the vibration and noise of the AC/DC air pump. hygger aquarium air pump operates with 30db noiseless working sound. Give you and your pets a sweet sleep.

Compact and Portable

The hygger AC air pump is easy to carry. You can use a USB or Android phone data cable to charge the pump. The convenient air pump can be used with any electric energy. The metal clip can be easily attached to the fish tank or bucket. All the accessories help to build a complete air pump setup in fish tanks.

Intuitive power display

Directions for Use

Use Tips

The air pump can start when power is off, making aquarists not troubled by power outages.

Normal Mode:
1.5W work 20 hours
3W works 23 hours
4W work 23 hours

Intermittent Mode:
1.5W work 28 hours
3W works 25 hours
4W work 25 hours


hygger 087 air pump kit specification

Additional information


1.5W for Tank up to 33 Gal, 3W for Tank up to 170 Gal, 4W for Tank up to 200 Gal

2 reviews for hygger Rechargeable AC Air Pump

  1. heyder chalarca

    yo tengo una pequeña pregunta, la de 4w se prende sola cuando hay corte de energia?

    • service

      Hi heyder chalarca,
      Yep, it will.

      hygger team

  2. techplant

    This little powerhouse was a real welcome addition to my fish tank. The last air pump was so noisy we could hear it all over the house. The hygger Aquarium Air Pump does the same job blowing air into the tank but is so quiet you forget it is even on. The soft rubber feet keeps the unit from vibrating all over the shelf as well.

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