hygger Rechargeable Air Pump Kit

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The rechargeable battery-powered air pump kit is a portable quiet USB fishing aerator during power failure

Package includes:
1 x Air pump
1 x USB adapter
1 x Type-C wire cord
1 x Air stone (or 2 pcs air stone for 3W)
1 x Air tube (or 2 pcs tubes for 3W)
1 x Check valve (or 2 pcs for 3W)
1 x User manual

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For Daily, Emergency & Fishing

hygger Rechargeable Air Pump Kit is a must-have air pump for fish tanks. It improves dissolved oxygen for aquariums and bait buckets no matter at routine aquarium aeration or an emergency, it can not only be used as a daily aquarium air pump with a plug-in power supply but also can be a lifesaver during a power failure, such as fish transfer, outdoor fishing, etc.

USB & Build Rechargeable Battery

Build in a large capacity rechargeable battery, the air pump saves you all the troubles of replacing the battery. You can charge it at any time and any place with a Type C USB port to a power bank, car, laptop, or charger and leave it running while it recharges.
You can plug it into a USB port (adaptor included) or use battery power with the built-in rechargeable battery, it provides at least 20 hours constant supply of oxygen for the tank, bait bucket, or fish bag.

hygger 071 air pump for fishing

Charge Time

The 2W air pump kit has built-in 1800 mAh, which has 20 hours of continuous standby time and needs 6 hours for a full charge; the 3W kit built-in 2600 mAh, having 23 hours of continuous standby time and 8 hours of full charge. You can leave it running while it recharges. The air pump kit keeps water moving and runs for 20 hrs or more on the intermittent setting mode.
Except for the USB port, the hygger fish air pump is water-resistant from drizzle and water splash, it is perfect for outdoor use, but it is better to cover the lid of the USB port after fully charged.

Quiet Aquarium Air Pump

Designed with 4 soft rubber feet, a thickening shell, and a sealed chamber, it greatly reduces vibration and eliminates sound, you can only hear bubbles bursting on the water’s surface, it pumps air so quietly with single /dual ports. It delivers steady air flow to a maximum depth of up to 1.5 feet and can be used as a standard fish tank air pump at an office desk.
The 2-watt air pump has a single port and comes with one air stone and one air tubing. The 3-watt air pump has dual ports and comes with two air stones and two air tubing.

4 Speed Air Flow & 2 Working Modes

The air pump has two working modes: continuous and intermittent mode, with 8 seconds intervals, the intermittent mode can last even longer during an emergency. The 4-speed select-able air flow 25% 50% 75% 100%, optimizes the performance of your air pump drive equipment, appliance, or ornaments.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Easy to use 071 rechargeable air pump kit
1. M button: turn on/off intermittent mode
2. ON/OFF button: long press to turn on/off the air pump
3. -/+ button: increase or decrease air volume
4. Default display electricity lets you know when to charge with green light
5. Max electricity: 4 lights on

Rechargeable air pump kit setting

Battery air pump intermittent setting

Press the M button to turn on the intermittent setting, and the blue indicator light on. In this mode, the air pump runs for 8 seconds and suspends for 8 seconds, and repeats.
The Intermittent Mode standby time:
2W: 28 hours
3W: 24 hours

Make sure the battery air pump is used at least 8–10 hours monthly to maintain a shallow circulation system for a longer time. Charge it at intervals in case the battery hibernate.


hygger 071 air pump parameter

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2W, 3W

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  1. Gloria

    The air pump kit helps me a lot when I fish outdoors. Also, its portability makes it easy to use. Overall, it is not bad.

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