A Hygger Aquarium Light User’s Review

I have been an avid Aquarist for over 50 years (ever since I was 8 years old). I purchased a Hygger 18-inch Aquarium Light several months ago. After very vigorous usage the switch had worn out. I usually turn the light on and off several times a day as the light is used for my Endler’s Guppies fry tank.

fish tank with aquarium lightThe light was an outstanding value at roughly $20. But, a product no matter what the initial cost or value was, is only ever as good as the Company that supplies the product. Lately finding a good value for your money is a challenge. Finding a Company that has after-the-sale support is nearly impossible.

Great Customer Service Experience

I was so very fortunate and ecstatically pleased when I contacted the Hygger Customer Service Department. Not only was the website easy to find and navigate, but after sending them an email, the lightning-fast response was completely unexpected. Within 24 hours after my initial email, I received their response.

Hygger Customer Service Department simply asked me for a picture of the light so they would be able to see the worn switch. I sent the picture they requested and to my great surprise, they informed me within hours of my second email that a replacement light was already shipped. Two days later I received a new light. Not a “Re-manufactured Light” but rather a brand new in-the-box item.

To say I was pleased by not only the replacement of the light but, by the lightning speed of the response of the tremendously efficient and caring Customer Service Department is an understatement.

A Big Fan of Hygger Brand Aquarium Product

From now on, any product that I may need for my Aquariums will certainly be a Hygger brand name. There is absolutely no possible way that my experience with Hygger’s Customer Service Department could have been any easier or smoother.

I highly recommend Hygger not only for their outstanding quality products and value but absolutely the best Customer Service I have ever received.

Happy Hygger User: Thomas Pope from Liverpool, NY

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