What is the Best Aquatic Pet

Sometimes, you look at the fish tank in front of you and the fish in the tank, will not suddenly have a sense of boredom in your heart? At first, your fish tank may indeed bring you some unexpected surprises, adding a little color to your dull life, but after a time, you tend to feel bored. The uneventful life and the same old fish tank can easily make people lose their joy. This time, maybe your fish aquarium needs a little change.

Why not try adding other kinds of aquatic life to your tank? Like crabs, shrimps, turtles, snails, and so on. Some people may even try to keep snakes or lizards in their aquarium, anyway, these novel aquatic creatures will add a little bit of flavor to your ordinary life.

This article will tell you what kind of aquatic pets are the most suitable for keeping at home aquariums, which may inspire you to break the boredom of life and open a new world. Of course,  reference to the prevalence of aquatic pet, we will start from freshwater fish, saltwater fish, tropical fish and other animals one by one.

What freshwater fish are suitable to keep in the tank?

Choosing the right fish species for your aquarium is very important. Not all freshwater species are compatible with saltwater fish, so you have to know the needs of each fish species before get them. If you’re planning on keeping both freshwater and marine, you should avoid mixing them. Not only do they have different needs, but also they’re aggressive toward each other. For example, Betta fish don’t do well in mixed tanks, and tropical ones can’t survive in environment they don’t belong.

The best freshwater fish for your tank are those have similar conditions and preferences. For instance, Discus, a cichlid species named for its circular body, is a great choice because their high appetite and long life. They should be fed standard fish flakes as well as meaty items such as beef heart.

Discus are known for being cold-water fish, while zebrafish and pleco prefer warmer temperatures. Both they should be keep in a fish tank 5 gallon at least. However, it’s important to research the temperature and water parameter requirements of both fishes before you make a decision. Clown loaches are incredibly colorful and enjoy searching for food in the bottom of the aquarium. Although they’re small, they can grow up to 12 inches. They’re best kept in a large fish tank more than 20 gallon.

Another popular freshwater fish is the angelfish. This small species grows up to 2.2 inches and is known for its peaceful behavior. Angelfish are suitable for tanks with plants, as they like to hide in small areas. They are very low maintenance but still require a certain amount of care. They are best kept alone, so they won’t be competing with other fish. When choosing a freshwater fish, you should calculate  aquarium space you can provide for it.

Which sea fish are suitable to keep in the reef tank?

As we all know, most of sea fish are gentle. These peaceful creatures don’t like to be bothered and don’t cause any trouble. They have striking fins with white spots and red accents, which makes them very appealing to eyes. These low-maintenance, hardy fish are also easy to keep. Choose a species that’s native to your area. This will make your tank easier to maintain, and you can enjoy watching them play.

Clownfish are omnivorous, eating things that grow on the sea floor. They have large, dark spots that are usually the size of their eyes. If you decide to keep one of these beautiful creatures in your tank, be sure to plan a system for feeding them. You should also offer them high-quality fresh seafood at least once a day. You can also include a piece of Nori/Seaweed daily, and keep a supply of food in your aquarium at all times.

Despite their small size, clownfish has a very specific diet, and they need a minimum of 20 gallons. You should be aware of the toxicity of some plants and ornaments. While aquarium decorations are typically treated and safe for fish, untreated wood may alter the water’s chemistry. You should use hardwood driftwood for your tank because hardwoods decompose slowly and will not affect the water drastically.

What tropical fish can be kept in my aquarium?

The tiger barb is a great fish to start with. Tank size should at least 10 gallons for them. Before you start a new aquarium, make sure to check its water heater and filtration. Tiger barbs are small, but they are active and can get into trouble if they get mixed up with aggressive or semi-aggressive tank mates. They are also quite easy to care for and require no special lighting.

You can also keep neon fish, which are fairly easy to care for and can live up to an inch. These small tropical fish are perfect for a 10 gallon tank and will often school together. They are fairly hardy and need slow-moving water and dim lighting, and also easy to feed and can be a great addition to a home aquarium. However, be careful of their size – they may be a tempting snack for larger fish.

If you have a large tank, you can choose from one of several species. Cichlids or “monkfish”, are very common and come in many varieties. They are fish with beautiful markings, and suitable for beginners, because they are peaceful and don’t grow aggressive. They can also be found in freshwater and saltwater aquariums. If you are new to keeping tropical fish, a molly can be a great addition as they are not as aggressive as other species.

What other animals can I keep in the aquarium?

While you are focusing on buying fish for your aquarium, you might be missing out on many other options available. There are a number of interesting aquarium pets that are fun to keep. The traditional aquarium is a great place to start for a new aquarium hobby. However, you can keep other aquatic pet in aquarium to make it more unique.

Besides fish, here are ten most popular aquatic pet, including turtles, red-eared slider, freshwater crayfish, fire-belliedt toad, red-clawed clabs, freshwater snail, sea monkey, ghost shrimp, fire-bellied newt, axolotl and octopus.

Turtles has a long lifespan, will not be starved to death even if they do not eat for several months. Sunlight is irreplaceable for turtles as well as shallow water over their back. So prepare turtle tank filters with water circulation, is an easy way to provides a healthier living environment for turtle in aquarium.

Frogs and hermit crabs can be housed in a 10 gallon tank. They’re slow-moving creatures, so you should consider keeping them in groups. While frogs are slow-moving and don’t attack other pets, they can get into the water and steal fish. If you’re unsure about the size of the tank, you can find one in your local pet store.

The Fire Bellied Toad is native to South Asia, has bright orange and black undersides, as well as a warty back. Although classified as a frog, toads have rough, bumpy skin and are excellent conversation pieces.

Dwarf Congo frogs are low maintenance aquarium pets. These frogs are active and can be very peaceful. Although they need a lot of vegetation in tanks, they are otherwise peaceful tank mates. Dwarf crocodiles are another excellent choice. These creatures are very active and require plenty of vegetation in their home.

Compared to fish, these frogs don’t eat other animals or need special food or water. Dwarf frogs are a low-maintenance option that can be a good choice for beginners. Although dwarf fronds are low-maintenance, friendly, and peaceful tank mates, they’re notorious for eating smaller fish. Dwarf slugs are also a popular choice, and are ideal for beginner aquarists.

Snails are another popular option. Although they’re usually small and inactive, snails are also attractive aquarium aquatic pets. Some species are even cooperative with other species. Apple snails, mystery snails, inca snails, rabbit snails, and nerite snails are some of the more common varieties. The water of a snail tank should be replaced about ten to twenty percent every two to four weeks. A tight-fitting aquarium cover is also necessary for snails.


For most fish keepers, it is vital to choose a suitable fish tank for the aquatic creatures you want to keep. If you have not yet purchased a fish tank, first you need to determine what kind of fish you want to keep, and what aquatic organisms you want to keep in addition to fish. Secondly you need to know what size the fish or aquatic creatures you want to keep, how big they will grow to, what’s their habits and what you need to pay attention to when keeping.

In addition, there is another very important thing, if there are children or elderly people at home, or there are other pets, such as cats and dogs and so on, must be extra careful with your aquarium, do not let the pets you keep in your fish tank get hurt, and do not let your aquatic pet affect the people at home, especially your children.

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