Hygger Turtle Aquarium Filter



Multifunctional turtle filter – Water circulation filtration, water change, and wave maker.

Package includes:
1 x a bag of bio balls (150g)
2 x Filter sponge
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Hygger 979 efficient dual filter combines bio filtration with mechanical filtration to filter out sparkly clear water in less than 24 hours. Plus, its powerful motor provides constant water circulation and oxygenation for a healthier turtle living environment. Quick water change is an extra bonus.

Keep water clean

Our turtle filter with 3 stage chambers is loaded with two sponge filters that grab a fair mount of debris to improve the clarity of the water and bio ceramic balls to grow, thus reduce ammonia and nitrates level. You can also stack other filter medias to customize your own three-stage filtration system.

Solid water flow

The powerful motor built in the filter moves water continuously to stir up debris and transfers dirty water back to filter, which keeps your aquatic environment clean. The multi-directional output nozzle can be fully adjusted to create customized water flows.

Easy water change

Just swivel the spray bar and attach hose to the top outlet, Hygger turtle filter does the rest to complete the water change. Please note that hose is not included in this product.

Once it filter out clean water, rotate the spray bar to the other side. Then your pet can enjoy a pleasant bath.

Ideal for shallow water

Hygger turtle tank filter is designed to work in as little as 3.14 inches of water, which makes it perfect for amphibian tanks such as turtles and frogs. The flow rate is rated at 150 gallons per hour. It is suggested for 20 to 50 gallons tank.

Directions for Use

The package comes with everything you need to install the filter.
1. Rinse filter pads and bio balls.
2. Attach the filter to wall with suction cups.
3. Plug it in and get started.

1. To maintain a peak filtration performance, please regularly rinse filter sponge, rinse or replace the filter material as needed.
2. To use it to the best, you should submerge the bottom chamber where the motor is mounted.


Dimensions:4.92 X 2.16 X 8.46 inch(12 X 5 X 21cm)
Voltage / Frequency: 110 V / 60 Hz
Watt: 8 W
Length of Power Cord: 4.9 feet (1.5 m)
Max Flow Rate: 150 GPH

Bottom Intake Holes
Ultra low water level adsorption of impurities. It consists of small holes along the bottom, so don’t use it in a small sand tank to avoid clog. And it can’t be used with extra fine gravel in case of clog-up.

Suction Cups x 2
Keep the unit in place. It can be fixed on the tank wall.

Bio Balls
Biological filtration promotes the growth of healthy. Please replace the bio balls as needed.

Adjustable Nozzle
Adjust the nozzle to control the water flow direction.

Water Changer Outlet
The spray bar can be rotated or disassembled, and plugged in hose to change water.
Size: 18 mm (0.7 inch) outer diameter; 14 mm (0.55 inch) inner diameter.

Filter Sponge x 2
Clean the filter. It is reusable. Please replacing the sponge as needed.

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