3-in-1 Water Circulation Draining Bio Filtration 150 GPH Turtle Filter with 2 Sponges and Bio Ball

Keeps Water Sparkly Clean: Our turtle filter with 3 stage chambers is load with two sponge filters that grabs a fair mount of debris to improve the clarity of the water and bio ceramic balls for bactera to grow, thus reduce ammonia and nitrates level. You can also stack other filter medias to customize your own three-stage filtration system
Solid Water Flow: This filter with powerful motor moves water continuously to stir up debris and transfer dirty water back to filter, which keeps your aquatic environment clean. The multi-directional output nozzle can be fully adjusted to create customized water flows


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Hygger 979 Efficient dual filter combines with bio filtration and mechanical filtration to filter out sparkly clear water in less than 24 hours, plus its powerful motor providing constant water circulation and oxygenation for a healthier turtle living environment. Quick water change is an extra bonus.

2-Stage Filtration to fulfill bio and mechanical filtration

Powerful motor creates constant water flow

Blow away turtle debris back to filter

Filter out sparkly clear water

Quickly change dirty water out

For best result, must be submerged the bottom chamber where the motor mounted.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions:4.92 X 2.16 X 8.46 inch(12 X 5 X 21cm)
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Watt: 8W
  • Length of Power Cord: 4.9ft/1.5m
  • Max Flow Rate: 150GPH



How to assemble?

1. Wash clean filter pad and bio-balls

2. Wipe clean the turtle filter

3. Place filter pad at the first chamber and bio balls at the second chamber

4. Plug-in and leave it