Hygger Aquarium Internal Filter



Unique internal filter which can change water and oxygenate your fish tank.

Package includes:
1 x Filtration water changer
1 x Filter cartridge
1 x Filter sponge
1 x Outlet pipe (3.9 Feet / 1.2 M)
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Multi-stage filtration

Mechanical and biological filtration cycles more than 6 times per hour to maintain a clean aquatic environment for your fish and invertebrates! Activated carbon filtration media removes harmful substances. Filtration media helps beneficial bacteria’s cultivation. Suitable for shrimp, betta, tropical fish, and planted tanks!

Water change function

Our Innovative internal filter allows for quick and easy water change. Rotate the outlet tap to change the water out of the tank by the included hose ( 47.2 inches ). But only part of the water can be replaced. Hygger fish tank filter meets the scientific fish keeping requirements that all the water will not be pumped away at once, allowing the fish to adapt.

Directions for Use

1. Wash the pump filter cartridge and filter media with tank water every two weeks to remove detritus.
2. Change filter media monthly.
3. Wash the entire pump monthly.

Steps to Wash the Entire Pump:
Step 1: Remove the pump from the filter, then pull apart the pump cover and remove the impeller unit from the motor.

Step 2. Wash the impeller and clean the pump from within, then reassemble it.

Note: Please gently wash the inside part of the pump.


Brand: Hygger
Model: HG-985
Power of water pump : 110 V, 60 Hz, 3 W
Max flow rate: 60 GPH (220 LPH)
Recommended Tank Size: 10 Gallons (38 L)

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