Welcome to be Hygger’s Distributors

Hygger aims to build global connections with international distributors worldwide and create a win-win situation between hygger and its distribution partners!

Why is Hygger Looking for Distributors?

Distributors have relationships with local retailers. The power of this relationship will help hygger expand the offline market and enhance brand awareness quickly.

Building relationships with retailers is harder and more expensive than building relationships with distributors. So, if hygger can find a distributor in the target country, hygger products will be deposed to all the retailers in this country.

What Did Hygger Do for Distributors?

To better prepare for the cooperation with distributors, hygger made 3 significant steps last year.

1. Attended pet shows

Last March, hygger attended its first foreign pet show, also the largest pet show in the United States, Global Pet Expo, making the first step. This March, hygger also got a booth at Global Pet Expo, a better and larger booth.

Last May and December, hygger attended the Aquashella. This year, the Aquashella will be held in Dallas, Chicago, and Daytona, and hygger is planning to attend these three shows.

Hygger will also be at the InterZoo held in Germany this May. If you are in Germany and want to cooperate with us, welcome to visit the hygger booth!
hygger booth

2. Updated the packaging

Hygger has been using old packaging with no attractive printing for years. So, we redesigned our packaging. The main color of the packaging is black, and then we decorated it with the orange and green colors of the hygger logo. Product images and other relevant information are printed on the packaging. Now, our packaging looks more advanced and attractive, and the product features are clear at a glance.
hygger new packing

3. Rent a warehouse in California

Long shipping time and stock-outs will result in a poor purchasing experience. So, we set up a warehouse in Chino, California last July. Since then, we have shipped a lot of products to the warehouse. Shortly, all the products will be available in the warehouse.

This is our first warehouse in the United States, our main market. In the future, we will try to get more warehouses in the United States and build warehouses in other countries. Hygger’s future is promising, and we hope to see those moments with our distributors!

The Reason to Be Hygger’s Distributors

1. High market share and coverage

Hygger’s main markets are in North America, Eastern Europe, and South Asia, accounting for 25%, 20%, and 10% respectively. We also expand our business to Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and other areas in the world.

2. A wide range of products

Including but not limited to aquarium lights, heaters, filters, pumps, cleaning tools, fish tanks, and other accessories needed for the aquarium hobby. We also have some products for reptiles and amphibians. Soon, we’ll have a full product line for amphibians.

3. Quality Guarantee

All hygger products are in strict accordance with the various industry-standard production, manufacture, and management. Hygger’s products are certificated with CE, ROSH, TUV, FCC, UL, ETL, PSE, etc.

4. Normative pricing

Hygger has a normative price management system for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Hygger will offer the most reasonable price to support and help distributors grow in their home market.

5. Satisfactory after-sale services

Hygger offers a 1-Year-Limited-Warranty, and our after-sale service will reply and solve your problem within 24 hours.

6. Fast delivery

Fast shipping on all orders. If you are in the US, you can get what you need within 7 days. For customers from other countries, we have several shipping methods for you to choose from.

What Will Hygger Do for Distributors?

  • We will authenticate distributors on our official website(www.hygger-online.com) and official B2B site (www.hyggeraquarium.com), official social media (Facebook & Instagram), and any other platforms that will help you advertise.
  • If your store has any sales activities, we will help you to promote them.
  • We’ll facilitate cooperation between you and the stores in your distribution area.
  • Other things you want hygger to do for sales promotion.

Contact Information

If you want to know more about how to be a hygger distributor, please get in touch with us:
Tell: +1 909-590-2880
Email: [email protected]
Website: hyggeraquarium.com
Address: 13941 Magnolia Ave, Chino, CA 91710

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