The Newest Aquarium Aquascaping Trends 2023

Aquascaping is the art of arranging aquatic plants, rocks, and other decorative elements in aquariums. It is constantly evolving with new trends and techniques, which captivate the imagination of aquarium enthusiasts and push the boundaries of creativity. In this guide, we will share the newest aquarium aquascaping trend in 2023.


Riverscape aquascaping mimics a natural and high-current environment. Featuring flowing water, rocky riverbeds, and lush plants, Riverscape showcases the power and serenity of river environments. For instance, stream aquariums. Stream aquariums are specifically designed to enable a strong one-directional current to pass along rocks and plants.

What consists of riverscape aquarium:

  • Mimic the meandering path of a river: Rocks, driftwood, substrate, etc.
  • Suitable plants: Epiphytic plants or plants can be submerged in water, like ferns, Vallisneria, Sagittaria, or cryptocoryne.
  • Ideal fish species: Tetras, barbs, rasboras, loaches, etc.

Serene Zen Garden

Serene Zen Garden aquascaping is a combination of the tranquility of a Zen garden and the beauty of an aquarium, creating a harmonious and peaceful aquatic landscape. This unique aquascaping style draws inspiration from Zen philosophy, incorporating minimalist design, natural elements, and a sense of balance and simplicity.

What consists of Serene Zen Garden aquariums:

  • Minimalistic hardscape elements: Create mountains or islands with the help of smooth rocks, driftwood, or simple stone arrangements.
  • Available plants: Hardy and low-maintenance plants, like Java ferns, Anubias, and Bucephalandra.
  • Ideal fish species: Calm and peaceful fish should be the first choice, such as small schooling fish or graceful, slow-moving species like Bettas or Gouramis.

Lush Jungle Paradise

The aquascaping style of lush jungle paradise mimics the dense foliage and rich biodiversity in tropical rainforests. It aims to create a lush and thriving underwater ecosystem

What consists of aquariums of Lush Jungle Paradise style:

  • Abundant and diverse aquatic plants: Plant species with different leaf shapes, sizes, and colors, like Amazon swords, jungle vals, crypts, various types of ferns, etc.
  • Decorate aquariums and provide hiding places: Driftwood and rocks.
  • Fish selection: Fish species native to tropical rainforest streams or thrive in densely planted aquariums. For example, tetras, rasboras, dwarf cichlids, and various catfish species.

Mystical Fairy Garden

Mystical Fairy Garden aquascaping style is imaginative and creative, which can be a whimsical and enchanting aquascape that brings to life the magical realm of fairies and fantasy.

What consists of Mystical Fairy Garden aquariums:

  • Vibrant and colorful aquatic plants: Plants with delicate leaf structures, like dwarf hair grass, baby tears, or various types of moss.
  • Aquarium decoration: Fairy figurines, miniature houses, mythical creatures, pebbles, driftwood, or other small ornaments.
  • Light requirements: Soft and warm lighting. Also, various LED light colors can add a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere.
  • Fish selection: Small, colorful, and peaceful fish species, including guppy fish, endlers, small tetras, etc.

Majestic Mountain Range

Majestic mountain range aquascaping is a breathtaking and awe-inspiring style, which aims to mimic the grandeur and natural beauty of mountain landscapes within an aquarium. This style of aquascaping captures the essence of towering peaks, rugged cliffs, and serene valleys.

What consists of Majestic mountain range aquascaping:

  • Hardscape materials to mimic the rugged terrain of mountains: Apply rocks, stones, and driftwood to create the illusion of towering peaks, slopes, and cliffs. Using contrasting colors and textures in the hardscape materials can further enhance the realistic representation.
  • Hardy plant species that resemble the vegetation found in mountainous regions. For example, mosses, ferns, and small carpeting plants (e.g. Monte Carlo or dwarf hair grass), etc.
  • Powerhead or water pump: Simulate the cascading streams or waterfalls with the help of a powerhead or water pump. It adds a dynamic element to the aquascape and enhances the overall visual impact.
  • Fish selection: Fish that prefer fast-flowing streams are excellent options, such as hill stream loaches, white cloud mountain minnows, and danios.

Underwater Cityscape

Underwater cityscape aquascaping is a unique and imaginative style that seeks to recreate the bustling and vibrant atmosphere of a cityscape beneath the water’s surface. This style of aquascaping combines elements of urban architecture, creative design, and aquatic life to create a visually striking and captivating underwater city environment. It serves as a unique and conversation-starting centerpiece, showcasing the harmony between human-made structures and the beauty of aquatic life. This style of aquascaping allows you to create a mesmerizing underwater city environment that is both visually stunning and creatively inspiring.

What consists of underwater cityscape aquascaping:

  • Hardscape materials: Mimic skyscrapers, bridges, roads, and other architectural elements with the help of rocks, driftwood, or aquarium-safe structures. And arrange them in a way that creates a sense of depth, perspective, and urban density.
  • Aquatic plants: Plants are not the key points. It is feasible to choose some hardy and low-maintenance species to accentuate the urban environment, like mosses and small carpeting plants. Take dwarf hair grass as an example. It can be used to represent parks, gardens, or green spaces.
  • Fish selection: Small and colorful fish species are excellent options. For instance, neon tetras, guppy fish, and small rasboras.
  • Lighting: Use a combination of ambient and focused lighting to highlight the architectural elements and create a dynamic interplay of light and shadows.

That’s all for today. For more additional information about aquarium aquascaping, welcome to share with us in the comment. We are happy to receive your sharing. Finally, thanks for taking the time.

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