The Easiest Aquarium – Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

Marimo Moss Balls are one of the most exciting plant discoveries in recent years.
Marimo is both strange and lovely, because of its simple maintenance. They are commonly kept as beautiful plants in jars in Japan and enhance water quality by producing oxygen and eliminating nitrates. Also known as Cladophora ball, moss ball, or lake ball, it is a rare growth form of Aegagropila linnaei. In this article, we will know more about the characteristics of Marimo Moss Balls.

What is Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium

Marimo’s unusual shape and look may not appear natural, yet these moss balls are generated in nature with no human intervention. Marimo means “seaweed ball” in Japanese, and is not a moss at all. They are one-of-a-kind and extremely rare types of algae development. They are only found in a few lakes across the world, including Japan, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, and Estonia.

The action of the waves leads the algae in these lakes to gradually develop into spheres of soft, green algae with a fuzzy, velvet-like feel as they mature. The bulk of our Marimo Moss Balls is 1.75 to 2.25 inches in diameter, implying that they are 8 to 15 years old. We occasionally get Marimo with diameters of 3 to 4 inches that are believed to be over 20 years old! They grow very slowly, thus it will take a very long time for them to develop significantly in size.
Marimo Moss Terrarium

These Moss Balls are commonly passed down to the young family members with the best wishes and are supposed to reflect intimate relationships between family members or close-knit acquaintances. Marimo will be larger by the time future generations acquire it, and it will continue to expand with each generation. It is also commonly given to young children as “pets” because its care requirements are simple.

What should I know before getting a Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Balls, as previously said, require relatively minimal upkeep.

They may be stored in tap water, although they will last longer in filtered or reverse osmosis water. Although Marimo may survive in brackish water, it is frequently advised that if a Marimo develops brown patches, a little ocean salt be added to the water.

Marimo does well in colder water since the lakes where they are normally located are frigid. If the water in your tank is excessively heated, brown blotches may emerge. If your water becomes too warm during the summer, give your Marimo a “shower” by placing it in a water-filled container in your refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Marimo grow naturally at the bottom of a lake, therefore they don’t require any special or high-intensity lighting. Marimo may typically photosynthesize with normal domestic illumination or indirect sunshine from windows. They work well with most aquarium lighting and bulbs.

Excessive lighting may develop brown stains on the Marimo. If your Marimo sits stationary for an extended amount of time, you may need to flip or rotate the ball to ensure that all sides receive adequate light.
Easiest Aquarium Terrarium

Should I get a Marimo Moss Balls for my fish tank?

Keeping Marimo Moss Balls in the fish tank will greatly improve the ecological balance of the fish aquarium. Let’s see how Marimo plays such a great role.

  • It sucks up nitrates and other nasties

Under 30 ppm, byproducts of fish waste and nitrates are innocuous to most healthy fish, but as their quantities grow, they can stress and kill your fish. To keep nitrates in check, partial water changes are undertaken. Marimo Moss Balls, like real plants, absorb nitrates. However, like with plants, it is normally in small quantities.

  • Provides more Oxygen

Marimo, like other plants, absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen into the water.
If you don’t enjoy the sound of loud air stones, some Marimo is an excellent way to help oxygenate your tank.

  • Prevent excess algae growth

What better approach to fighting algae than to use algae
Marimo absorbs the same nutrients as undesired algae, depriving invading algae of them.

The easiest aquarium

Everything has two sides, there also exist disadvantages to Marimo. The most important one is it cannot affect large tank health. But this insignificant shortcoming and many advantages are not worth mentioning. Marimo Moss Balls will be a good choice for your terrarium plan.
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