hygger Aquarium Air Stone

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Durable and quiet aquarium air stone with fine bubbles.

Package includes:
1 x 2-inch nano air stone or 4-inch air stone
1 x Control valve
1 x Check valve
1 x Suction cups
1 x T-shaped connector
1 x Reducer connecting to 8 mm and 4 mm holes
Note: Hose and air pump are not included

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Product Features

Fine air bubble

Aquarium air stone refines the air output from the air pump into smaller and denser bubbles, achieving “atomization” effect. The size of the bubble can be adjusted with control valve, and the different oxygenation amount can satisfy different aquarium requirements.

High-dissolving oxygen rate

Compared with ordinary airstone, the nano air stone’s surface is frosted, fine, and smooth. It can creates more bubbles and better agitate the water surface, thus dissolve more oxygen in the water.

Quality Nano material

The nano stone is sintered at high temperature. The material is sturdy and durable with 2-3 years’ service life. It can be used for a long time and can help dissolve more air in the water. When the bubble bursts enter the water, it barely makes any noise. T-type interface makes the air plate closer to the bottom of the fish tank, and the air is smooth.


The weight of the aquarium airstone is 15.2 oz / 430 g and can be easily placed at the bottom of the fish tank.

Please NOTE the deeper you put the fish tank air bubbler under water, the larger wattage air pump you may need to drive the air out.

Directions for User

1. If the dirt is blocked and the air bubbles are reduced, you can be take out the air stones and airline tubing, wash them repeatedly .
2. It is better to soak in the bathtub for two hours before use.
3. If the water depth exceeds 40 cm, the power can be increased as appropriate.


Size: 4 inches
Weight: 15.2 ounces / 430 grams
Exit size: 4 mm or 8 mm hoses
Compatible air pump power: 4 W or higher
Color: Black

Additional information


Black, 2 Inch, Black, 4 Inch

2 reviews for hygger Aquarium Air Stone

  1. Avatar photo

    Jean Manickam

    Fun addition to any aquarium! Love it!

  2. Avatar photo


    Thank You, Looks real good in my tank, awesome actually !!

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