Hygger Fish Tank Small Air Pump



A ready-to-go air pump kit for fish enthusiasts.

Package includes:
1 x HG-949 air pump
1 x Air tube: 3.6 feet long
1 x Air stone: 0.9 inches
1 x Check valve
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Advanced construction

According to scientific air principles, the advanced construction is designed.

Extra quiet

This aquarium air pump designed with double glazed sealed structure to drastically reduce noise with suspension shock-absorbing silica gel leg. So it does not resonate with the shell when the air pump is working, which effectively blocked the transmission of noises. It is perfect for bedroom aquariums!

Extra powerful

The pump makes a ton of air outflow with the advanced construction design.


Since the latest technology is adopted, the air pump works effectively with less energy.

More durable

The precision design with durable material makes it a long lasting pump.

Directions for Use

There are 2 methods to install the air pump in order to avoid water backflow.
Method 1: Place the air pump 25 cm higher than the surface of water, shown below.

Method 2: Install the air pump with check valve if you want to place the air pump below the surface of water. Check the following picture to learn how to install the check valve.


Brand: Hygger
Power: 1W
Voltage: AC 110- 20 / 60 Hz
Max Output: 50 GPH
Pressure: 0.02 MPa
Cord Length: 3.3 Feet
Dimension: 3.5x2x2 inch
Application: Up to 20 Gal

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