Is It Possible to Keep a Group of Betta Fish in the Same Tank

There is a surprising amount of betta fish, which can be classified according to tails, colors, and patterns. For instance, Veiltail betta, Blue betta, and Butterfly betta. If you are a beginner, keeping betta fish is an excellent alternative. And today’s goal is that by the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of keeping a group of betta fish in the same tank. So, let’s jump right in.

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Can it put beta fish together

Before we get into the details of how to keep a group of betta fish in the same tank, let’s have a quick look at betta fish. Bettas are freshwater tropical fish. And they are aggressive. In general, betta fish can reach 2.25 inches on average, while they can live up to 2–5 years. Also, betta fish are demanding adequate space to swim and explore in the aquarium freely. As for a community betta tank, it should be 25 gallons at least.

Then, can you put betta fish together? The short and definitive answer is yes. But the quantity of bettas is determined by the fish’s gender. You should never keep more than one male betta in one tank because excessive male fish will fight with each other and cause injury or even death. For example, if you have many beta fish, it is better that there are 1 male fish and not more than 5 female fish, but it may cause injury to the female fish sometimes. Generally, you can keep several female bettas together.

On the contrary, it is feasible to keep several female bettas in a fish tank. Nevertheless, you should make sure that your fish tank is large enough to accommodate fish, aquatic plants, or other aquarium decorations. An overcrowded betta tank would cause fighting, which is bad for a beta.

Keep a group of betta fish in the same tank

Generally, a single betta tank should be 5 gallons at least, while a minimum tank size for keeping a group of betta fish should be 25 gallons. Otherwise, bettas would be aggressive and fight because of limited room. Also, you should change the aquarium water once a week. Moreover, providing adequate food is essential. Betta fish are carnivores, you can feed pellets, dry, frozen, or freeze-dried food with high protein, like brine shrimp, bloodworms, and other larvae. But it is best to feed them 2–3 times each day and make sure they can finish eating within 2–3 minutes. Or too much uneaten food would cause food waste and poor water quality.

Furthermore, as for the fish quantity, it is best to keep 5 or more fish. But if you want to keep a female and a male, you’d better separate them. Or the female one may jump out of your tank once get shocked. If necessary, you can introduce some other fish species to distract bettas, like neon tetras, ember tetras, some guppies, or other fish moving fast. Additionally, it is recommended to prepare a quarantine tank, which is used for taking care of sick and bullying fish, or other emergencies.

What need for a group of beta fish

Aside from that, what should you prepare for keeping a group of beta fish? How to decorate the betta fish aquarium? This segment will bring a brief overview of group betta fish tank requirements.

It is recommended that a rectangular fish tank is better for keeping groups of beta fish. For instance, a 100 cm long, 20 cm wide, and 20 cm high fish tank can keep more than 10 bettas together. For aquatic plants, it is recommended to choose Lagarosiphon madagascariensis, and keep them every 10 cm with staggered horizontal rows, you can also keep some floating aquatic plants on the water surface, water hyacinth or Nymphoides lungtanensis is a common choice. Then introduce all the bettas into the tank at the same time, remember not to separate them.

One important point is that putting several terminalia catappa leaves makes the water darker and reduces the visibility of the beta fish, don’t worry, it won’t affect the tank view as well as inspire the beta coloration.

Aquarium equipment for bettas tank

Tank Substrate

Adding substrate is necessary. Actually, there are a plethora of benefits to adding substrate to your fish tank. The substrate can anchor aquatic plants, while it is beneficial for uneaten food and feces sediment, as well as beneficial bacteria growth. Substrates like sand, gravel, or aquarium soil are available. By the way, the aquarium soil provides nutrients for aquatic plants.

Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants provide hiding places for fish to avoid attack and injury. Also, aquatic plants make sense in improving the oxygen level in your tank. However, you should ensure that the plants are not damaging to bettas, like java moss, marimo moss ball, and amazon sword. In addition to plants, there are other decorations providing hiding places. For example, rocks, stones, and tree trunks.

Aquarium light

An aquarium light with white, blue, and red lights is great for bettas. The light also provides a regular day and night cycle. Usually, it is best to keep the light on for about 8–10 hours per day. Also, the light helps to bring out the colors of beta fish and aquatic plants.

Aquarium heater

Moreover, as we have mentioned above, bettas are tropical freshwater fish, and they fancy warm water. As a result, you should add a betta fish tank heater to remain a stable warm water temperature. A heater protects bettas from water temperature fluctuations. And the ideal water temp should be 75-80℉.

Aquarium filter

For a group of bettas in a tank, the feces should be removed in time. Also, there are other waste, debris, or substances, such as ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Hence, you should add an aquarium filter to keep the tank clean and healthy. A betta fish tank filter is an excellent choice. In addition to tank cleaning, it can facilitate the colonization of nitrifying bacteria and accelerate circulation.

Sum up

To conclude, it is feasible to keep a group of betta fish in the same tank. But never hold more than one male bettas in a sororities tank. Otherwise, it may be a nightmare for bettas. If you want bettas to play with you, try to train bettas with easy tricks, it’s really an interesting thing. That’s it. More any other wonderful ideas about keeping a group of betta fish in the same tank, please feel free to share them with us in the comment. We’re happy to receive your sharing. Finally, thanks for your reading.

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