Hygger Betta Fish Tank Heater



Submersible aquarium heater with memory function and over-heat protection.

Package includes:
1 x Smart PTC heating rod with sleeve
2 x Suction cup
1 x IC temp controller
1 x User manual

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Product Features

This fully submersible aquarium heater enables memory function and over-heat protection. Automatically shut off when it over heats, and resets when it cools down.

Made with premium titanium and double sealed by black protective guard, this fish tank heater is resistant to explosion and corrosion, and protect fish and other livestocks from punching and scalding.

Rapid heating rate

The heating rod is made of semiconductor ceramic material, heating water fast.

Built-in external IC temp controller

Built-in external IC temp controller makes it easy to read LED digital number that shows real time water temperature. Temp accuracy is ± 1°F.

Built-in hand button

With the build-in hand button, you can set temperature without getting hands wet. Keep pushing the button will cycle through all the set temperatures. Temperature can be precisely adjusted from 70 to 94°F.

Dual relay design & ABS protective sleeve

One heater with two relays is like one person with two hearts. It is safer for the aquariums. ABS protective sleeve prevents small fish from being harmed. Suitable for freshwater only.

Over-heating protection & Anti-exposing protection

When the water temp passes 97°F accidentally, the heater will stop heating automatically. When the water temp is lower than 93°F, the heater will start working automatically.

When the heating rod is exposed to air, the heater will shut off automatically. When the heating rod is completely immersed in water, it will start working automatically.

Directions for Use

Step 1: Place the heater as shown below.

Step 2: Plug in and the IC temperature controller will display the present temperature.
Step 3: Press the “Set” button until it reaches the temperature you desired. Then the display will flash the desired temperature value 3 times and display the current water temperature after that.
Step 4: The settings is done. You can press the “Set” button persistently to display 70-94°F in a cycle.

4 Digital Display Models

1. Working: The heater is heating water.
2. Malfunction: The heater will show fault code
3. Thermostatic: The water temperature reaches the desired value.
4. Out of Water: The heating rod is out of water and shows fault code “Er”. The heater will stop heating.

Error Code Explanations and Solutions

Er: Heating rod is exposed to the air. Place the heating rod fully in water.
EH: The water temp is higher than 97°F. Cool the water to normal temperature.
Ec: Communication failure. Discard heater.
E3: The relay is melted.Discard heater.
H1: Temperature sensor is in short-circuit protection. Discard heater.


Additional information


500W, 800W

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