What Are the Best Plants for Betta Fish Aquaponics

Have you ever been confused about whether plants are necessary for bettas or not? Or have you ever been curious about whether the betta fish tank needs plants or not? If you used to have such questions, this article will bring answers.

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Does a betta fish tank need a plant?

Bettas do not rely on plants in their tank. Nevertheless, bettas prefer plants, especially live plants, because plants could create a better living environment. Next, we will cover some reasons for bettas like plants in fish tanks, and the benefits of live plants for them.

Do you know bettas are from Thailand? And at present, Plakats, the ancestor of fancy bettas, live in flat water rice areas, so their natural environment is filled with live plants. That is also why bettas prefer live plants if there are some plants in their living environment. It has roots in bettas’ DNA.

Shade and hiding place
Plants will create shades for bettas, and they enjoy it. Besides, it is also important to provide shelter in the betta aquaponics fish tank. Because only there is somewhere they can hide, will they feel safe. So plants can meet their needs.

Keep bettas entertained
If bettas could swim through different plants in the tank, they would get joy from it and then keep entertained. In addition, bettas also enjoy the process of exploring.

Maintain the water conditions optimally
Live plants in tanks are a natural filter, they could filtrate many harmful chemicals, including carbon dioxide, sulfur substances, and nitrogenous wastes.

Transform the harmful chemicals into oxygen
Live plants could oxygenize water, and bettas can breathe more freely in tanks.

There are also some tips for you:
Edges of some fake and ornamental plants are sharp or rough, and this may cause injuries to bettas. So if you choose fake plants, it is better to buy soft ones, like silk plants.

Easy betta aquaponics live plants for beginners

Java Moss

Java Moss is native to Southeast Asia, and its scientific name is Taxiphyllum Barbieri. It can survive in any condition.

Carbon dioxide: It can grow without carbon dioxide.
Temperature: Its ideal temperature is 70-75℉, but it can survive up to 86℉.
pH: Its accepted pH is 5-8.
Lighting level: It can grow in low light while also in high light. In low light, it will be dark and thin. In high light, it will become compact.
Planting: It is better to tie it with fishing lines.

Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Ball comes from Japan, its scientific name is Aegagropila linnaei. In the natural environment, it grows at the bottom of lakes, so it does not require high-intensity lighting. Besides, it can grow in most water conditions.

Carbon dioxide: It can grow without carbon dioxide.
Temperature: It needs a temperature of 72-78℉.
Lighting level: Its lighting level is between low and moderate. It can grow well in low light.
Planting: It does not need substrate.

Java Fern

Java Fern is from Southeast Asia, its scientific name is Microsorum Pteropus or Leptochilus Pteropus. It is a great plant for beginners because it could tolerate many mistakes that beginners can make. It can grow in or out of the water, and it can grow quite big. If it grows fully, it can grow 13 inches high and 6–8 inches wide. So it is better not to put it in 10 gallons tanks or smaller tanks.

Carbon dioxide: It can grow without carbon dioxide.
Temperature: It needs a temperature of 68-82℉.
pH: Its accepted pH is 6-7.
Lighting level: Its lighting level is between low and moderate. It can grow better in the shade of other plants or low-light tanks.
Planting: It does not need substrate.

For more detailed information about what is it or whether should you get on in your tanks, please read this article – The Easiest Aquarium – Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium.


Anubias is from Africa, its scientific name is Anubias barteri. It has various varieties, including anubias nana petite, anubias coffeefolia, and so on. It grows slowly so that the algae are easily overtaken in its leaves.

Carbon dioxide: It can grow without carbon dioxide.
Temperature: The ideal temperature of it is 72-82℉.
pH: Its accepted pH is 6-7.5.
Lighting level: It likes low light.
Planting: It does not need substrate.

Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword is from Brazil and South America, its scientific name is Echinodorus amazonicus or Echinodorus bleheri, or Echinodorus grisebachii. It can provide a lot of places to hide as it can grow to 20 inches in length. As a result, it is better not to keep it in tanks of less than 59 gallons.

Carbon dioxide: It can grow well in CO2, but it is not necessary.
Temperature: It needs a temperature of 72-82℉.
pH: Its accepted pH is 6.5-7.5, but some can grow at the pH of 6.
Lighting level: It likes low light.
Planting: It can grow better on a substrate.

What are some of the best live plants for betta fish tanks?


Anacharis is from South America, Brazil, Uraguay, and Argentina, it is introduced widely, actually. Its scientific name is Egeria densa or Elodea densa. It can grow both in cooler water and warm water. Besides, It does not need too much attention as it can float freely in tanks and is regarded as the hardest aquarium plant.


Hornwort’s scientific name is Ceratophyllum demersum. It is an invasive one, so you must pay attention to it. That is to say, it needs your care. If it grows freely without care, it can grow to 10 inches in length. And if you want to keep this plant, 15 gallons tank is a good option. Besides, it can grow well in high lighting levels and temperatures of 59-86℉.


Hygrophila difformis is its scientific name. It can grow in low lighting levels, but it needs some fertilizer sometimes. Besides, regular pruning is necessary because it can grow fast. But in fact, bettas like hiding among it.


Vallisneria is from Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Its scientific name is Vallisneria. It is a tall and thin-leaf plant that provides excellent shelter for bettas. It can grow in low and high lighting levels. The temperature of 59-86℉ is suitable for Vallisneria. If you have a Hygger horizon 8 gallon tank, it’s recommended to keep the Vallisneria in it for bettas.

Amazon Frogbit

Limnobium Laevigatum is its scientific name. It can grow fast, so it needs your care to avoid propagation. It is better to keep it away from filters and keep the top leaves dry. In fact, for its shade, it is suitable for bettas as it can make them feel safe.

Water Sprite

Water Sprite is from Northern Australia, Southeast Asia, India, East Africa, and Central America. Its scientific name is Ceratopteris thalictroides. It is a fast-growing plant, and it can grow very tall. But it can keep compact and short if it is frequently pruned. Its ideal temperature is 72-82℉.


Bucephalandra comes from Borneo and Southeast Asia. It can grow in low lighting levels, and its ideal temp is 71-79℉. Besides, it grows slowly. It is broad leaves and beautiful flowers will make bettas entertained and comfortable.


Now, we believe you have finished reading, right? In summary, this article begins with a brief discussion about whether a fish tank needs plants or not. Then, the article covers some plants for beginners. Finally, it introduces some other best live plants for bettas tanks. Hope you have gained some useful information!

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