How to Use Wave Maker in Aquarium

Water flow is the essence of a fish tank

Besides being a necessity for saltwater creatures, water flow is also very meaningful for the tank itself: garbage in the tank, nutrient salts that may be deposited to mineralize the tank, dust on live rock, etc., all need proper water flow to carry them away from the main tank. Keep your main tank clean and beautiful.

The fish tank needs a strong but soft, turbulent flow. These currents can blow away the few parasites on the fish’s skin and keep the fish moving and healthy. Also, it can bring the garbage in the tank to the filtration system in time.

The accumulation of garbage at the bottom of the tank may be caused by poor water circulation in the tank.

Hygger Quiet Aquarium Wave Maker

What is a wave-making pump?

It is also called a wave pump. The main function is to make the fish tank water “rotate”, imitating the creation of nature’s water flow so that the water flow in each layer of the fish tank will not appear as a stagnant area.

However, when the fish tank reaches a certain length, there will be an area where the filtered water cannot reach, which is often called the still water area or stagnant water area.

If you use a filtered fish tank, you will see visually that except for the lower water area, all other areas will have a static water floating, garbage, and sediment accumulation phenomenon.

The sediment deposited in the still water area will gather with the dark flow to the suction port and be sucked into the filter so that the filter can treat the water more effectively.

In addition to a large area of water flow, the pump can also produce a localized flow effect. For example, the growth of seawater organisms requires a high flow of water, so it is necessary to install the flow pump at multiple angles to meet the growth needs.

Wave pump is not used in freshwater tanks at the beginning, but for seawater tanks, to provide corals to simulate the living environment of the sea. With the aquarium’s extensive contact with ornamental fish, the population increased, feeding a variety of species, and the wave pump also began to be widely used in a variety of freshwater fish tanks.

What are the advantages of wave-making pumps?

01 Wave-making pumps can give fish weight loss and strengthen their bodies

Wave pump is generally widely used in large fish breeding, these fish in the wind and waves in the aquarium environment are easy to cause short and thick, obese, and not conducive to maintaining a beautiful body, the wave pump can create artificial water flow, and waves, so that the dragonfish in a river-like environment, the fish will move against the current environment, waving swimming, and long-term forced movement help to enhance the fish’s physical fitness, reduce the occurrence of disease.

02 Wave-making pump can blow away the feces of the fish tank

If the fish tank is more than 1.5 meters, then the suction power of the overflow area is not enough to completely suck away the fish waste and residue, the circulating water flow formed by the wave-making pump can assist in accelerating the flow of fish poop to the pump suction port and play the role of poop sucking.

03 Wave-making pump can reduce the fight of mixed breeding

Some fish have a strong sense of territoriality, and mixed breeding inevitably fights with each other, making people very headache. Open wave pumps can effectively reduce fish fighting, to prevent fish fighting with each other to cause infection.

04 can play a role in increasing the fin tail

Increasing the current running and forcing the chinook to move at the same time as the chinook. The fins and tails are stretched and moved, which can effectively make the heptapods grow.

How to place the wave pump?

For tanks with water levels below 50, placing them 10-15Cm up from the bottom of the tank and 45 degrees down from the wave-crest is recommended.

For more than 55 water levels, it is recommended to place the tank 15 down from the top of the tank and 45 degrees down from the wave outlet.

What time should the wave-making pump be turned on?

Small fish stage: If you need to blow away fish droppings, it is recommended to turn it on for 5 minutes every hour during the day, and not from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am.
If you don’t need to blow away fish droppings, you can turn it on for half an hour after every meal.

Mid-fish stage: If you need to blow away fish droppings, it is recommended to turn it on for 5 minutes every hour during the day, and not from 12:00 pm to 8:00 am.
If you don’t need to blow away fish droppings, you can turn it on for 1–2 hours after every meal.

Adult fish stage: If you need to blow away fish droppings, it is recommended that you leave it on for 5 minutes every hour during the day, and not from 12:00 pm to 8:00 am.
If you don’t need to blow away fish droppings, you can turn it on for 2 hours after every meal.

If your tank is 1.5m, where should your wave-making pump be placed?

A 15cm fish tank wave pump should be set at the opposite of the overflow area, which is 10cm to 15cm away from the bottom of the tank at a 45-degree angle. Wave pump is practical equipment in fish tanks, not only can create artificial water flow but also can make the water dissolved oxygen greatly increase, which is beneficial to the growth and development of fish.

What position should the wave pump be placed in under the fish tank filter?

The filtration fish tank wave pump is located in the upper water level parallel to the triangle overflow area, so that the fish poop deposited at the bottom of the tank will be brought into the filter near the suction port and will eventually be sucked away, and the wave pump allows the water to collide with the fish tank glass, thus creating a weak layer of surface water flow, and the fish will be able to play freely on top of this layer of water.

Hygger Magnetic Aquarium Wave Maker 3

Hygger fish tank wave pump, let the fish “rapids”

Hygger Quiet Magnetic Aquarium Wave Maker, 1600GPH 2600GPH powerhead with digital LED display controller, submersible water inverter circulation pump for fish tank 3-55 gallon

  • Adjustable Wave Pump

99% simulating the changeable current in the ocean and tidal variation, provides a healthy environment for fish and corals. Max water flow is 1600GPH, perfect for a 3 to 25-gallon small fish tank, for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Input: 100-240V. Output: DC 12V. Working watt: 3W to14W

  • Good Magnetic Mount

Black small compact size wave maker pump, comes with magnet suction base, very easy to install and hide, it can hold on a tank with glass thickness up to 4.7 inches. Must be fully submersible in water, suggest placing the wave maker at 5.9″ to 7.9″ underwater. The magnet mount base is covered in a rubber sleeve to prevent scrapes on the glass tank

  • Multi-function Controller

This aquarium wave pump comes with an external LED digital display controller with touch-type buttons. You need to set it to local time before use, the controller divides a day into 5 time intervals and each has a different preset wave. If you don’t like the preset waves, you can set it by yourself, there are 4 wave modes, 4 wave working watts, and 8 wave-making speeds for choice

  • Ultra Quiet Wavemaker

This inverter wave makes the powerhead very quiet and energy-saving. Mini size but very powerful to make waves in water, when contrast to traditional wave makers, it makes soft waves and waves is 360 degree diffusion. So you will hear almost no sound when it’s working, sound lower than 30dB

Wavemaker is very important for small aquariums, especially for saltwater tanks, it can balance the flow and create good circulation in the tank, avoid dead spots that can lead to the accumulation of excess organic matter, create water current for the corals and plants, make fish more active.
Hygger Wave Maker
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Comments (10)

  1. Hi
    Do I have to have airstones with your wave maker or can I take them out and use wave maker instead would this produce enough oxygen ?

    Feb 11, 2023 Reply
    • Hi Chris, the wave maker simulates the natural water flow and helps to agitate the tank for more oxygen, but it can’t connect to the air stone.
      You can connect the air stone to the air pump and use the wave maker at the same time, it’s a benefit for building an ecosystem tank for the creatures.

      Feb 13, 2023 Reply
  2. I have a 30 gallon fresh water aquarium with all community type of fish. What would be a good WaveMaker or Power Head to get?

    Jan 25, 2023 Reply
    • Hi David, sorry for the late reply, because we’re just back from the Chinese Spring Festival. For a 30-gallon freshwater community tank, you can use the hygger 951 1600GPH wave maker. It is a smart aquarium wave maker with a built-in controller that mimics ocean waves by setting various flow modes, power, and frequency according to sunrise and sunset, day and night. The wavemaker meets most types of fish’s needs.

      Jan 29, 2023 Reply
  3. How long will I leave my wave maker on in the fish tank.

    Emmanuel Akin
    Jan 13, 2023 Reply
    • Hi Emmanuel Akin, It’s better to leave your wave maker on till you clean it, the wave maker can simulate the water flow and excise your tank inhabitants.

      Jan 14, 2023 Reply
  4. Hi, I purchased one for my 55g planted freshwater tank to help with CO2 distribution. The current is very strong and I would like to drop it lower than the 40% setting, or be able to have it “Off” during the night. Is this possible?

    Tara Agnerian
    Aug 13, 2022 Reply
    • Hi, thanks for your message.
      You can press the ‘S’ button to enter the setting then press the ‘M’ button to enter the second digital No., when the second digital No. is flashing, press the ‘+’ button to modify the power of the current tidal period, it is divided into 4 levels, and Level 1 is the 40% Power, so you need to make the second digital No. ‘1’, and the wave maker will run with the 40% power.
      Because it has a 5-time range, it is recommended that you get the 951 user manual here to know more about the settings.
      Have a good day

      Hygger Team

      Aug 15, 2022 Reply
  5. How much are they please and can you use them in tropical tanks

    Richard brian
    Jun 1, 2022 Reply
    • Hi Richard, they can also be used in tropical tank or marine tank, price range from $66.99-99.99, you can choose the right size Wave Maker for your tank:1600 GPH for tank under 30 gallon; 2600GPH for 26-55 gallon tank.


      Jun 1, 2022 Reply

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