Should I Turn My Aquarium Light Off at Night

Home from work, turn off the lights, the whole person into the dark blue sofa, the color of the sofa and the same seawater, you sit down after feeling like you are gently surrounded by a sea, close your eyes, and listen intently, not far away, there is the sound of waves splashing water. Hearing this sound, you squint your eyes and look toward the source of the sound.

You found the answer – it was an aquarium, where fish swam quietly at night, and the aquarium lights were on, glowing with an eerie blue light.

Everything is quiet, you are surrounded by this sea of the sofa, and these fish are surrounded by the aquarium in this simulated sea.
But you suddenly feel worried, if the light is always on, then these fish get enough rest? Will not be like yourself, into another exhausted sleepy?

Hygger Adjustable Blue White LEDs Aquarium LightThe above scenario may be encountered by every fish keeper. For many friends who keep ornamental fish at home, to usually facilitate the fish or fish to fill the light will be installed around the tank lights, in general, this light is on during the day, at least when someone at home is on, so when the family has ornamental fish, sleep at night to turn off the lights on the fish tank. You may have the question in mind: should I turn off my fish tank light at night?

First, we need to understand one of the most basic questions:

What is the role of fish tank lights?

1. Promote the growth of fish: In the case of light, the growth and development of fish is fast, and the proper light can make the fish color better and more convenient for viewing.

2. To promote the growth of plants: If there are plants such as green moss and water plants in the fish tank, proper light can promote their growth. Moreover, they can’t carry out photosynthesis without light, with proper light can promote them to release oxygen.

3. Heating: This is mainly for some tropical fish because these fish have high requirements for water temperature, and need to keep the temperature between 20-30 ℃, too cold will affect the appetite, but also may cause illness and death. The light can play a heating effect and can improve the temperature of the environment.

4. Color attraction: Light has an absolute relationship between the growth of the pigmented body of fish and the precipitation and absorption of vitamin D. And because of the light, the vast majority of fish have more pigment cells gathered in the back, while the color of the abdomen is lighter. Many fish look colorful, their color is often related to the light, so the lights in the tank can also induce color for some fish, so they look more beautiful.

5. Increase ornamental effect: The fish can show the best ornamental effect under the proper lighting.

Hygger Adjustable Blue White LEDs Aquarium Light 2

Once we understand the importance of aquarium lighting, we might as well go back to the very first question:

How long should the aquarium lights be on a day? Do they need to be turned off at night?

The length and intensity of the light are related to the placement of the tank and the type of tank. If the tank is placed on the sunny side, it can get enough sunlight during the day, then the tank light can be less and weaker, the light is more used for lighting or ornamental fish tank at night, and vice versa. If it is a grass tank, naturally the light requirement is higher than in a bare tank.

Normally, if the fish tank is placed in the sun, the light is sufficient during the day, then we should turn off the lights on the side of the tank before going to bed at night. If you leave the lights on for a long time, it will affect the health of the fish, and if the light is too long, it will also cause the fish to develop earlier, so some fish will become sexually mature too early and affect the growth rate afterward.

In addition, if the lights are not turned off at night, some microorganisms in the water will be more vigorous reproduction, not only is the algae in the water easily appear to cause the water to become muddy, but some pathogens will also speed up the reproduction of easy to cause fish health problems, so from this aspect to consider, the lights should also be turned off at night to do.

Of course, if the location of your tank does not have natural light during the day, and there is no daytime supplemental light, this situation is also possible to turn on the light at night (but I recommend that it is better to supplement the light during the day).

In addition, some fish lovers like to put the tank in the bedroom, after the lights in the tank are off, if you want to get up at night to go to the restroom and then turn on the light will scare the fish (especially some large fish more obvious, such as koi fish), this situation can be turned on a low power night light on the side of the tank so that the fish will be less stimulated when you turn on the light.

In this case, you can open a low-powered night light on the side of the tank, so that the fish will be less stimulated when the light is turned on again.

All living creatures have biological clocks and need to rest as well, and fish are no exception. Our aquarium which controls the water quality, temperature, oxygen, and light is actually in the simulation of nature (rivers, lakes, and seas) and the growth of the fish’s living environment. Therefore, from a biological point of view, the biological clock will make any living creature “sunrise and sunset”, which can promote the normal reproduction of living things.

Hygger Adjustable Blue White LEDs Aquarium Light 4

To sum up, fish is not necessary to turn on the lights all day. Aquarium lights at night it is best to turn off, as for the specific time of the switch you can refer to the sunrise and sunset time.

What should we do if we often forget to turn off the lights for the aquarium at night?

It is with the busy work schedule of modern city people in mind that the Hygger 14W Full Spectrum Aquarium Light has been innovatively and humanely adjusted. When the set lighting time is reached, the light will not turn off, it will remain at the darkest level.

Hygger high-quality LED aquarium light with extendable mounting brackets is specially designed for most fish tank (12-52 inch) use. We use 5730 LEDs, which are more bright and energy-saving, soft light will make your aquarium water look sparkly clean, and the green or red plants under the water look brighter and more beautiful.

Features of hygger aquarium LED light

  • The whole light shell is aluminum alloy metal, nice tactile feel, and fast heat dissipation.
  • Comes with 2 kinds of extendable mounting brackets.
  • The external controller has a memory function when the timer is off in case of power-down.
  • You can set light time to 3h, 6h, or 12h. 24 hours is a cycle.
  • 3 light modes: white LEDs, blue+white+red LEDs, red+ blue LEDs.
  • Under each light color mode, you can adjust the light brightness for 5 levels.
  • Easy to install on covered or uncovered, with rim or rimless glass or acrylic fish tanks.

Hygger Adjustable Blue White LEDs Aquarium Light 3

A proper set of high-quality fish tank fixtures is the key to successful fishkeeping. Choose hygger to make your fish farming journey easier and more efficient!
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