Aquarium Starter Kit

As a leading aquarium products company on Amazon and worldwide, Hygger has hundreds of great products for our customers to choose from.

As beginner hobbyists, people probably have no idea of what to buy in order to have an aquarium that can keep their fish alive. Some would wonder is there a package set for their 10 gallon fish tanks. Some hobbyists just want to lay back and use the most user-friendly package set!

In this column, I will introduce to you a series of package sets that will satisfy your needs of EVERYTHING YOU NEED package!

So I will start off by introducing to you the beginner package set.

In order to have an aquarium that cycles well, you are going to need a filtration system, an aquarium heater if you keep tropical fish, lights that can bring the best colors of fish and most importantly the aquarium itself!

Please find below our 3-in-1 aquarium which is perfect for beginners as it already includes the filtration (mechanical and biological; a water pump that can oxygenate the water), the LED lighting and also the thermometer. The lighting is integrated into the aquarium hood which will prevent the fish from jumping out of the fish tank! Please click at the picture below to find out more about the products!

The 3-in-1 aquarium is great for you to have on your desktop or give to someone else as a gift. However, if you have kept tropical fish, you are going to need to buy a small aquarium heater to make sure the fish will stay at the same temperature. Fish are cold-blooded animal that is going to rely on its surrounding to regulate its body temperature. In order not to stress the fish and keep the disease away from the fish, a quality aquarium heater is needed. With hygger 916, it’s very easy to set its temperature and it will stop heating when it’s out of water. People tend to forget about turn off the aquarium heater when they were doing a water change, but with the stop heating function of the heater, you will not cry over a heater that is broken due to your carelessness.

Please click at the picture below to find out more about the products!

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