Aquarium Powerhead

One of the very frequently asked questions is, What does a powerhead do in an aquarium?

  • With waves powerhead make, the fish will swim happily and keep fit
  • It will agitate water surface and oxygenate the water
  • It will get rid of the dead spot in the fish tank
  • It will blow away the excrement that your coral made and also blow to them the food it needs
  • It will circulate water

If you are looking for a small but powerful powerhead, please take a look at hygger mini wavemaker.

  1. the power head is very small.

It can be hidden in a place where it cannot be seen and it can be fit into a place where the dead spot is hard to get rid of. It’s very easy to mount it with the magnetic.

  1. The power head is very powerful.

Let’s say that you have a 10-gallon fish tank, the 1600 GPH wavemaker will be powerful enough for it.

  1. The power head is smart

By saying that the power head is smart, I mean that one can just set the local time and let the powerhead run its automatic 24 hours’ circle in which the different modes of dawn, sunlight, daylight, sunset, and night are all included.

Of course, you can also use its DIY mode to customize your setting for a different power, frequency, and mode.

The waver maker is user-friendly and one can figure set it up in a couple of minutes.

The fish tank power head also has a feeding button. Once you click on that button, the powerhead will stop and leave you 10 minutes to feed your fish. After that 10 minute is over, it will resume whatever it was at previously.

All in all, the wave maker is powerful with such a compact size, it will offer not only the linear wave to your coral and it is cost-effective when compared with similar products in the market!

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