What is an Aquarium Air Stone

What do the air stones do in a fish tank?

Aquarium air stones can benefit almost all kinds of fish tanks and ponds. But what do the air stones that connect to the air pumps do?

  • Reduce the noise by making smaller bubbles
  • Increase the oxygen level in the water
  • Look appealing to the eyes

Now you understand the importance of air stones, how to choose air stones?

The diffuser area shall be fine and smooth

Touch and feel- the diffuser area of inferior air stones are rough.

Air stones shall have a decent weight

Fish keeps will have difficult times trying to put an inferior air stone in place as they will float in water. However, the quality air stones weigh enough to stay in place.

Of course, you should also put into consideration the size of the air stone. Will it be too big to be hidden? Can it be powered by your small air pump?

Now let’s take a look at hygger air stone kit. It comes in 2 different colors (black/white) and 2 different sizes (2 inches/4 inches), and generates small and fine bubbles which can reach the water surface. It is also hefty and will not float.

aquarium air stone

aquarium air stone

One thing worth mentioning is that it also comes with 1 check valve, 2 suction cups, and 1 control valve. The control valve can control the airflow while the check valve will make sure even you put the air pump lower than the water level when the power is off, the water will not flow back and damage the air pump.

I like the idea of including the check valve and control valve into an air stone kit, and I am sure your turtle and fish will love to play with the fine bubbles made by the air stone.

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