5-Gallon Fish Tank Starter Kit

Many first-timer fish hobbyists like to start keeping fish with smaller fish tanks, like a 5-gallon fish tank. They believe the smaller the fish tank is, the easier the fish keeping will be! But I will have to say due to the limited surface area and the small water capacity, it is not as easy as you thought it would be if you are keeping with a 5-gallon fish tank!

As I mentioned in my previous article (How Many Fish in A 5 Gallon Tank), keeping fish in a 5-gallon is not impossible as long as you keep the right amount of fish and have the filtration that is working properly. Last but not least, if you have kept tropical fish, make sure you’ve put in a heater in that small fish tank of yours to maintain a stable and balmy temperature.

Today, I am going to introduce to you a fairly new product – the hygger 5-gallon fish tank.

Fish hobbyists would find many of the filters in the market are too big for such a small nano tank. Hygger’s 5-gallon fish tank has a hidden filter box and water pump box, so you don’t need to hide the unsightly filter behind the decor. 5 gallon fish tank

The quiet water pump will not only circulate water in the fish tank but will also drain the water down from the drain pipe or the duck mouth outlet and thus agitate the water surface. In the meantime, the water will be filtered through 6 layers of filter media in the filter box.

This beautifully designed fish tank also comes with 3 different lighting modes and also a glass hood will prevent your fish from jumping out of the fish tank. The glass hood will not only prevent water from evaporating too fast but also help maintain the temperature within the fish tank when a heater was used.

Yes, if you have kept tropic fish, I would suggest you put them in a heater. Fish are cold-blooded animals that are going to rely on its surrounding to regulate their body temperature. In order not to stress the fish and keep the disease away from the fish, a quality aquarium heater is needed. With Hygger 916, it’s very easy to set its temperature by clicking on the control button and it will stop heating when it’s out of water. People tend to forget about turning off the aquarium heater when they were doing a water change, but with the stop heating function of the heater, you will not cry over a heater that is broken due to your carelessness.

If you wonder how many fish can one keep in a 5-gallon fish tank? The answer is 4–6 fish. Just make sure that the fish will not grow over 2 inches in size. For more info in this regard, please read this article: How Many Fish in A 5 Gallon Tank

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  1. It sure would be nice if you actually had this item available to purchase.

    Mar 29, 2024 Reply
    • Hi Joan,
      Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
      The kit is unavailable now.
      But hygger has new kit coming soon.
      Please keep an eye on it.

      hygger team

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