hygger Submersible COB LED Light

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Submersible COB LED light has two color modes: RBG color and white-blue color, both modes can be used for 14″-40″ freshwater tanks

Product includes:
1x Led light
1x AC/DC adaptor
2x Sucker
1x User manual

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COB LED light

hygger submersible lights use a COB LED source, which has high color rendering, a large viewing angle, and a uniform light spot. The light is close to nature, which is not only beneficial to the growth of aquatic pets, but the bright COB LED bar can also make your tank and water pets more energetic.


Two Color Modes

COB LED light has two color modes RBG color and white blue color, you can choose the right color mode when buying it on the hygger Amazon store. Both color modes can be used for 14″-40″ long freshwater aquariums.

Fully Submerged in Water

The COB LED light can be fully submerged in water or mounted outside of water. With the removable suction cups, the light can be installed on the bottom of the tank, on the top of the tank, or even outside the tank. As an underwater fish tank light, it is equipped with explosion-proof glass, which is friendly to the eyes and will not hurt your water pets.

Unique Appearance Design

The aquarium lamp tube is integrally formed by highly transparent explosion-proof glass, which is not only charming but also has good light transmission. The UL Certified Plug, separate switch, and swivel connection power plug are convenient and safe. The light’s silicone sealing head is IP68 waterproof, durable, and beautiful. This unique design makes the LED submersible lights safe, durable, and easy to clean.

hygger cob led light installation

Wide Application

hygger submersible LED light is suitable for cool-color ornamental lighting, such as silver Arowana, aquatic plants, and others. It has 3 sizes to choose from 13.4″-24.4″ long White Blue LED light fits freshwater aquariums with a width of 14″-40″.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. The power adapter with the switch is not waterproof.
2. The COB LED light has 2 powerful suction cups for free movement.


hygger 022 cob light

Additional information


13.4 inches for 14"-22" Tanks, 19.3 inches for 20"-30" Tanks, 24.4 inches for 25"-40" Tanks

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1 review for hygger Submersible COB LED Light

  1. Patricia

    The suction on it works great. Did not fall off once after installation/Transparent shell hidden in a corner of ny tank,the bright lights illuminated my entire fish tank..
    I hope this will work for you the same way it worked for.

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