What Size Fish Tank Should I Get

When it comes to fish tank size, have you ever been on the horns of a dilemma? In general, there are diverse fish tank shapes, including rectangular, square, circular, and other different shapes. So here in this article, we are going to discuss what size fish tank should you get.

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Aquarium weights & sizes

As mentioned above, fish tanks come in different shapes, such as rectangular, square, and circular shapes, etc. In this segment, we will take rectangular aquariums as an example. Usually, fish tanks are classified into small, medium, and large sizes. (shown in the table below)

Fish tank size chart

Tank Size The volume of the tank (unit: gallon)
Small tank 5-20 gallon
Medium tank 20-50 gallon
Large tank More than 50 gallons

(Relative topic: How to Calculate the Surface Area and Volume of a Fish Tank gives you more information about aquarium standard size and weight.)
what size fish tank
Additionally, fish bowls are another alternative for home aquariums. An oblate shape fish bowl can be placed anywhere, like the table, windowsill, or shelf. And it is feasible to keep baby fish, small turtles, and shrimp in a fish bowl. However, it would help if you cleaned the fish bowl regularly. Otherwise, the water quality will become poor quickly because of the limited and small volume of water in the bowl. Furthermore, suppose that you do not want to keep fish in a fish bowl under 1 gallon, there are other creative ideas to upcycle a fish bowl. For instance, fish bowl aquaplaning, plant carpet, or other decorative use.

The best size for a tropical fish home aquarium

If you want to set up a home aquarium, tropical freshwater fish would be an excellent alternative. Because most of them are easy to keep and require less maintenance. Next, this part will list the minimum tank size for some tropical freshwater fish.

Fish species The minimum tank size
Betta fish 5 gallons
Guppy fish 10 gallons
Tetras 10 gallons
Zebrafish 10 gallons
Pea puffer 10 gallons
Gouramis 10 gallons
Sword tail fish 15 gallons
Freshwater angelfish 20 gallons
Rainbowfish 30 gallons
Peaceful barbs 30 gallons
Discus fish 55 gallons

Exactly, take the betta fish tank as an example, the 8 gallon fish tank with unique 3D background is a wonderful alternative. It is a great resting place, play spot, and shelter for little fish. As a curved tank with light, filter, and pump, it’s picked as the aquarium beginners’ choice.

Choosing the right marine aquarium size

On the other side, what should be taken into consideration when determining the marine aquarium size? Let’s learn something about that.


The budget here not only means the cost of a tank, but also the decoration, food, or maintenance fees. If you can not afford a large tank and have little time to do tank maintenance, a small one is an excellent alternative.


Actually, you should now have a free room for placing the tank. For limited space, a small tank should be your first choice. A saltwater nano aquarium is not bad. It is smaller and cheaper, but also occupies less space.
fish tank size


Fish species and quantity determine your fish tank size. For example, Tang, which can grow up to 6–24 inches, needs a fish tank of over 70 gallons. Conversely, a 20-gallon tank is ideal for clownfish, which reaches 4 inches. Besides, some fish prefer living in groups, like blue-green chromis. You’d better keep them in a group of three or more. Accordingly, a blue-green chromis aquarium should be at 30 gallons at least. If you want to learn more about stocking fish in small tanks, you can read How Many Fish in a 20 Gallon Tank.


Here we will make a comparison between large and small tank maintenance. For large tanks, doing water changes may be strenuous, because large tanks are large and heavy but need less maintenance. On the contrary, small tanks are easier to change water but frequently in daily maintenance. Although you need to change the water sooner or later, a gravel vacuum will help you a lot in doing water changes and cleaning fish tanks.

Noise pollution

To keep a great living environment, adding aquarium equipment to a large fish tank is necessary, such as an aquarium filter, an aquarium water pump, an aquarium air pump, or other supplies. But equipment may make much noise pollution. Conversely, a small tank is not the same as a large tank. The small one makes little noise.

Fish tank size that is easiest to maintain

Are smaller tanks the easiest to maintain? No. Actually, small fish tanks may come with problems, such as limited fish growth, lifespan reduction, and aggression builds. Fish in your aquarium can only grow as big as your tank size. For instance, large fish, like goldfish, are not a good option for small tanks. Moreover, limited space in your tank will cause stress to fish, which will shorter their lifespan. In addition, it is not recommended to hold too many fish in a small tank. Or fish will fight with each other, incredibly aggressive fish species.

Additionally, what tank size is the easiest to maintain? There is no overall answer. Just follow “the larger, the better”. A fish tank big enough enables fish to swim and explore freely, which makes them relax. Commonly, 10–20 gallons is a great choice for home aquariums that require weekly maintenance.

In summary, concerning fish tank size, you should consider the spaces, budget, fish species, fish quantity, fish size, maintenance, or other factors. That’s it. Finally, thanks for your reading.

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