The Truth About Fish Tank Water Heater

In the aquarium feeding process, the temperature is a problem that we should take seriously. Fish are variable temperature animals, so the body temperature of fish changes with the change in water temperature. Besides, the photosynthesis of water plants, and some self-purification function of microorganisms, also need to be carried out at a certain temperature, so we have to give the fish or aquascape a stable temperature, so they can be suitable for making a successful aquarium.

The importance of a heater

The concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water is also related to the temperature, as the temperature increases, the oxygen capacity in the water will decrease. So if in summer, let the water temperature in the tank increases, the oxygen content in the water decreases, and the fish will be hypoxic. We will see the fish often float their heads in the water, the mouth keeps closing, and long-term hypoxia fish will produce all kinds of diseases or die.

If the water temperature decreases in winter, it will affect the appetite of fish and slow down their growth. At the same time, not the higher the water temperature the faster the reproduction of parasitic microorganisms in the water, some specific parasites will also multiply at low temperatures, causing water pollution and making fish sick, such as cucumberworm disease.

Other aspects, if we can not do the appropriate water temperature environment, it also has an impact on the reproduction of fish. Fish generally begin to ovulate at about 18 ℃, this is also normal, after all, is too high or too low in the environment the fish themselves have little appetite, low metabolism in the body, the heat of dizziness, or freezing shivering, bad food, bad water, which think about effects reproduction offspring.

Water & fish

In addition, the sudden change in temperature will also lead to the flow of water, such as the original water in the lower layer suddenly running to the top, which is a more serious problem. Because we know that the fish excrement, or eat leftovers, corruption, will be sunk in the bottom, which is generally fine, because the fish are also very smart, and will not find their own disgust to play at the bottom. But if the sudden change in temperature will there be a problem, the bottom of the water to the top Flow, the bottom of these disgusting things up. If your fish encounter these things, can still grow happily?

So the above so much, just want to explain one thing, water temperature is very important to the growth of fish. So we should always pay attention to the change in water temperature, it can be equipped with a thermometer on the tank or natural feeling. The day is cold to warm up, the day is hot to cool down naturally, etc. There are many ways to control the water temperature, such as using temperature control facilities, etc.

Style of fish tank heater

The heater is the most commonly used aquarium supply used for aquarium water heating, according to its principle and structure can be divided into two categories, one is electronic, using thermistor detection to control temperature, and the other is bimetal mechanical temperature control fish tank water heater. Generally, about two years to replace one.

The fish tank heater selection principle is as big as possible because the big will save some electricity, and it is also a kind of protection. If you choose a small heater, it will save electricity on the surface. But in fact, it needs to work all the time and can’t reach the preset temperature. It is working overload, while the high power heater. On the surface, it costs electricity, but it works for a short time, and it can keep the tank temperature well, so the life is long. So the principle of choosing an aquarium heater is as big as possible.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a heater?

Tropical fish will also be much more demanding than cold water fish, such as the water temperature, the most adaptable temperature of tropical fish is about 27℃, and the maintenance of this temperature needs to be done by the heater.


Nowadays, aquarium heater manufacturing technology has been very mature, and many of the aquarium brands are of very good quality. From the power of 50W to 1000W basically have, and more commonly used 100W, 200W, 300W, and so on. To choose how high the power heater is, you need to calculate according to the size of your water body. Such as a liter of water is generally calculated by 1.5W-2W. The size of the power, big is a waste of cost, and small is not enough, to do the appropriate best.

Temperature control

Heaters are generally available in two types, one temperature controlled and one non-temperature controlled. The non-temperature-controlled heater must be used only when there is a thermometer. The temperature-controlled heater is relatively more convenient, with accurate temperature control and timely heating. It is worth mentioning that the price gap is large, you can choose according to your own situation.


The material heater is mainly made of quartz and PTC, and some of them have the function of powering off from water. Quartz material can be used for freshwater tanks, PTC seawater tanks are not recommended. But PTC is a double number display, it looks more intuitive.

The water heater in the fish tank, in the purchase of the original, should be so chosen.

Now you should know

The water temperature of the water body is related to the environment of the whole fish tank. As long as you do keep not cold water fish, the tank water heater definitely needs to be equipped.

Choose the right power heater and other equipment according to the size of your fish tank. And also reduce the amount of water in the tank in winter, to reduce the amount of electricity needed to maintain the water temperature. In addition, you can also add a cover or wrap the fish tank, to reduce the heat exchange between the tank and the outside world.

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