The Best Way To Beat Condensation in Fish Tank and Heater

Is there any condensation in your fish tank or aquarium heater? As we have mentioned in the previous article, moisture or water condensation results in condensation in the aquarium heater as the water temperature changes. Later in this article, we will cover something about condensation in aquariums. Let’s dive in.

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Condensation in a fish tank and heater

What is condensation in the aquarium

Condensation is a physical phenomenon in a fish tank where water vapor becomes liquid. Generally, when the tank water temperature is lower than the room temperature, the indoor humidity is high, and water droplets will appear on the top of the fish tank. When the room temperature is the same as the home aquariums, there will be no more water droplets to form condensation.

Condensation in a fish tank

To avoid fish jumping out of your aquarium, you may place an aquarium lid on your tank. Also, the lid helps to maintain the water warm. The aquarium lid is the main reason for condensation in a fish tank. The humidity and temperature differences will cause water droplets, to form on the lid. In addition to this, water evaporation is also one reason for condensation. When the water inside your tank evaporates, it will go up and then the water vapors may leave on the aquarium lid, which finally condense and form water droplets.

condensation in fish tank

Condensation in an aquarium heater

Condensation will appear in an aquarium heater due to the water entering the aquarium heater. Then how can you distinguish whether there is water in the heater? Exactly, you can tell from three aspects, including bubbles, moisture, water, fog, or condensation in the tube.

On the other hand, how does the water enter the aquarium heater? Firstly, the glass is cracked, then the water will enter your aquarium heater directly. In this case, electrical components may suffer fry. Besides that, the water can get into the heater because the seal gets damaged as time goes by. Moreover, the aquarium heater is exposed to wet surroundings during the production process. It will cause condensation because of temperature differences.

Is condensation in a fish tank and an aquarium heater normal?

Condensation in a fish tank is normal. Nevertheless, it may pose potential risks. Condensation may block the light entering the aquarium, which would indirectly bring bad impacts to the fish or plants in your tank. Without sufficient light, fish and plants may not grow as well as always. Furthermore, condensation may cause the aquarium lid to dirty. It will be beneficial for bacteria growth. Aside from that, condensation in an aquarium heater is normal too, but it may also be a symbol of problems for a heater. Since the water may damage the electrical components, and it may even lead to the aquarium heater firing.

The best way to stop aquarium condensation

After knowing the causes and results, then how to deal with aquarium condensation? In this segment, we will give ideas about ways to stop condensation.

Condensation in a fish tank

Here are two available options. Firstly, keep the aquarium lid and water temp in the same range. It is required to maintain the temperature of the room and aquarium water at the same level. Secondly, circulate the air under the aquarium lid. It prevents the vapors to the lid, then decreases the possibility of condensation. However, the second method is difficult to be applied in reality.

But if there is an internal canister filter within an air tubing in your tank, then it won’t be a matter. You can rotate the air tubing to aid aeration and circulate air under the lid of the small fish tank.
remove condensation in fish tank

Condensation in an aquarium heater

You can try to repair the heater. It means replacing the damaged glass or seal and then drying the heater. It is cheap, but also time-consuming. On the contrary, you can just replace the heater and get a new one. Then appropriately install the new aquarium heater.

Sum up

This article has mentioned the causes and consequences of condensation in fish tanks and aquarium heaters. The ways to get rid of the condensation also have been covered. After reading, have you gotten a deeper understanding of aquarium condensation? Seeing that necessary light and the stable water temp is vital for your adorable fish, consequently, hope the ways to stop condensation will give you hands. Also, you can learn more about aquarium heaters from the article – Aquarium Heating Basics Part One, like the significance and types of aquarium heaters.

By the way, any aquarium ideas to share, please feel free to leave messages in the comment. Finally, thanks for your reading!

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  1. My fish tank lid and light is getting very wet water is evaporating as well

    Dec 16, 2023 Reply
    • So sometimes we need to beat the condensation in the lid and the light.
      Maintain the proper temperature differential, replenish the fish tank water properly.

      Dec 18, 2023 Reply
  2. What must do for inside of fish tank roof get wet but my heater is setting 22 Celsius. What can I put there for not getting wet

    Suraj Nandkuar
    Jul 9, 2023 Reply
    • Hi, Suraj Nandkuar. It may be the result of bad air circulation. You can open the aquarium lid for a while. Also, water agitation or poor water quality will lead to bubble forming. And it can result in wet fish tank roof. By the way, more about foam bubble, you can read

      Hope it can help you out.
      hygger team

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