Hygger Telescopic Aquarium Water Changer



Aquarium Siphon Kit can remove algae, do water change and aquarium vacuum out debris at the same time for 15 Gallon tank and Up.

Package includes:
1 x Upper water valve with removable water inlet screen
2 x Extension inlet tube
1 x Extension tube connector
1 x Duckbill debris vacuum
1 x Curved handle
1 x 15.7- inch outlet strap hose
1 x Flow control valve
1 x 59 inch outlet hose
1 x Hose fixture clamp
1 x User Manual

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Product Features

Adjustable Flow Rate

This aquarium gravel vacuum water changer can be clogged by fine sand, so pay attention to control the water flow and do not drain out water. Turn on the flow control valve when in use.

Non-Slip Curved Handle

Comfort non-slip textured rubber grips on the handles provide a comfortable surface to hold while in use.

Siphon Out Dust Water

The attached water inlet filter helps small fish and gravel not sucked into the tubing. It can clear out 5 gallon water about 3 minutes, do water change and aquarium vacuum out debris at the same time.

Debris Vacuum Attachment

Hygger aquarium gravel vacuum designed by debris vacuum attachment which helps to get rid of food wastes and feces at the bottom of fish tank.The scraper on the back can remove algae on the wall.

Two Extension Tubes

As aquarium gravel vacuum tool, it consists of two15.7 inches long siphon tubes which can reach to 33.7 inches long aquariums. Suitable for deep and long aquariums. The tube outer diameter is 16 mm, inner diameter is 12 mm.

Hose Fixture Clamp

Stabilize the hose along the rim of buckets easily, it can hose fixed clamp, prevent outlet hose from slipping and falling out.

Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner With 4.9 ft Hose

4.9 ft soft hose with clip to help it fixed on the bucket, it is made of high-quality PVC material, flexible and facilitates flow. The hose’s outer diameter is 17 mm, and the inner diameter is 13 mm.

Directions for Use

Shake it up and down 5-10 seconds as quickly:
Step 1 place the inlet tube into the aquarium. (the tube submerged at 7.8 inches height of water)
Step 2 turn on the water flow valve in order to allow the water to stream through.
Step 3 hold the siphon handle quickly move up and down in the water to fill it with water and until the water will move into your bucket.

Use Tips:

1.Please tighten the connection to prevent leakage, so you don’t spill dirty water everywhere.
2.After stopping the aquarium siphon kit carefully switch the flow valve to a closed position. Allow the water to flow through the hose till all the filthy tank water is taken out of the hose.


Brand: ‎ Hygger
Package Dimensions: ‎ 16.18 x 6.34 x 2.68 inches; 1.59 Pounds