Hygger 50GPH Small Air Pump for Aquarium

  • Powerful Air Pump: Hygger oxygen pump has stable performance, sufficient oxygen supply, uniform air bubbles, 50GPH flow rate, small body with big airflow, strong airflow to provide sufficient oxygen for fish
  • Comprehensively Compatible: Small air pump can be used for various types of air stones, such as nano bubble stone, etc; sponge filter, such as a single sponge, small size double sponge, etc.
  • Quiet and Convenient: Humanized hanging hole design can save table space and hang on the wall or fish tank. Fish tank air pump can also be placed on the table, with 4 soft anti-vibration feet, which can absorb sound more effectively, reduce air pump friction and lower noise.


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Small Air Pump for Aquarium

Hygger air pump is durable, low-power, mini size, and most importantly, very powerful, so you can use them safely for your aquarium.

  • POWERFUL AIR PUMP?provide sufficient and powerful oxygen,50GPH air flow rate .
  • MINI AIR PUMP?the mini size does not occupy much space, and with the humanized hanging hole design.
  • SHOCKPROOF SOFT FEET?reduce the vibration transmission during the operation of the air pump and enhance the mute effect.
  • ABS MATERIAL?it has good heat resistance, low temperature and wear resistance, and impact resistance.


Aquarium SizeFor 1-35 GallonUp to 600 Gallon
Max Output50GPH255GPH
Body Dimension3.5x2x2 inch7.5 x 5.1 x 3.9 inch4 inch2 inch