Hygger Magnetic Fish Tank Cleaner



A strong cleaner to get rid of various algae.

Package includes:
1 x Grip
1 x Black scrubber pad
1 x Stainless steel blade
1 x Plastic blade
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Strong & Fast Cleaner

Strong magnetic aquarium cleaner scrapes the algae off the fish tank quickly and completely. No hands get wet and no damage to corals.

Staying Afloat & Strong Magnet

Drop inside piece into water, it will float on the water surface, then move the outside piece slowly to it, and the magnet in the outside piece is strong enough to attach them together. When the outside piece is removed, the inside piece will keep floating.

Wide Application

The magnetic cleaner brush comes with 1 stainless blade and 1 plastic blade, so it could be used to scrape hard algae or mineral deposits on glass tank. The blades are easy to put on and off, you can just use the brush to scrub if you don’t want to use the blade. Can clean the fish tank inside out.

Replaceable scrubbing pads

We design scrubbing pads on both sides of the brush : the inside piece is hook pads to scrub algae, while the outside piece is soft loop pads to clean the dust on the glass. Please note the blades and the scrubbing pads can be replaced when worn out.

Directions for Use

1.Suggest for glass aquariums, not for acrylic tanks.
2.Place the brush and blades where children can’t reach.
3.When taking out the 2 pieces, please don’t put them close to each other, put a book between them.
4.The blade is easy to put on and take off, please don’t press too hard, otherwize you may get cuts.
5.Don’t use the magnet scraper near sand or gravel.
6.To prevent scratches on glass, please make sure there is no gravel pancaked between the sides pads.
7.You should always inspect the pads and blade for any grit, dirt, or defects.
8.Don’t suggest use for bow front, curved or circle tanks.


Hygger Magnetic Fish Tank Cleaner Specification

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