hygger Fish Tank Oxygen Pump

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The silent oxygen pump is adjustable for up to 100 gallons of freshwater and marine tanks

Package includes:
1 x Air pump
2 x Bubble stone
1 x Check valve(2 x valve for 6W set)
1 x Air pipe(2 x pipes for 6W set)
2 x Connector
1 x Use Manual

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Smaller & Stronger Oxygen Pump

hygger fish tank oxygen pump is smaller but stronger in power. It doesn’t take up space in aquariums. For family fish tanks, you can use one 037 air oxygen pump to supply sufficient oxygen for pet fish. It is very suitable for use in both large and small freshwater and saltwater fish tanks.


Adjust Oxygen Output

The oxygen output can be adjusted manually. You can adjust the appropriate oxygen output by yourself according to the number and the characteristics of the fish, which is more beneficial to the tank creatures.

Quiet oxygen pump

Although it has great power but has a small noise. The hygger fish tank oxygen pump greatly reduces the noise by four raised rubber feet to isolate the transmission path of the noise, and the thickened ABS plastic seal effectively isolates noise, achieving a more ideal mute effect for household use.

Four Pump Sizes to Choose

Using the latest power system, the pump volume is very compact, but the oxygen output is increased. A variety of specifications and accessories can be selected according to needs.

2W Single -mini size air pump without accessories
2W is the single air pump, if you already have air stones, hoses, and check valves, and your fish tank height does not exceed 2.6ft, then you can choose this air pump model.

3W Set -mini size air pump – with accessories
The choice of beginners for aquarium enthusiasts, a complete set of air stones, hoses, and check valves. And it is suitable for fish tanks up to 3.9ft in height and with a capacity of fewer than 50 gallons.
hygger 037 oxygen pump
4.5W Single -double outlet air pump without accessories
Double air outlets can provide oxygen to two fish tanks at the same time, suitable for fish tanks below 4.9ft in height and under 70 gallons. Without accessories, for aquarium enthusiasts who want to buy their favorite air stones.

6W Set -double vent air pump with accessories
Super powerful air pump with double air outlet, two air stones, two hoses, and complete accessories. when you have a large fish tank, it is recommended to get the 6W pump set. It is suitable for fish tanks with a height of less than 5.2ft and a capacity of fewer than 100 gallons.

Directions for Use

How to install hygger 037 oxygen pump in the tank?
The right way to install oxygen pump in tank

Use Tips

You can put a towel under the oxygen pump to reduce more noise.


hygger 037 air pump size

Additional information


2W Single, 3W Set, 4.5W Single, 6W Set

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1 review for hygger Fish Tank Oxygen Pump

  1. Liam

    I’ve had this in my tank over a week. Adds great air flow and beautiful to look at. I am using it for a small tank with cherry shrimp for my desk.
    I love how easy this was to set up. It comes with everything you need and you just plug in the pieces. I was originally looking to upgrade my hang on back filters to sponge filters, but I bought this because I had hang on back filters already, so that combined with this bubbler is more or less a sponge filter. Nice way to ensure oxygen for fishes Incase of power outage. It’s also very quiet, I sleep about 15 feet away from my tanks and the noise is very mild.

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